This week in astrology: August 13 -19, 2012 prediction

This week in astrology: August 13 -19, 2012 prediction

Mars and Saturn collide this week and give off opposite energy feelings.

This week in astrology: August 13 - 19, 2012 prediction
Weekly Astrology August 13 - 19, 2012 Horoscope Prediction

Venus opposes Pluto in the same day. Uranus is getting ready to deliver a shock to your relationships. Get up close and personal with your emotions. You might have an awesome week that will end with a productive New Moon. Keep awake and take time when doing chores and tasks this week.

The planets are all stressed this week. There may be different things coming your way and it depends on your personal planets. You need to look at your chart and determine what planets will have an impact with you this week. Wednesday, Saturn is fusing with Mars. It is almost like oil and water in the universe as they just don’t see to get along. Your mind will be in a turmoil wondering what decision to make. If you apply Mar’s and Saturn’s energy carefully, you can get much accomplished.

Stay home on August 15. Maybe just wear comfy clothes, keep the blinds shut and work from home. Do not go out into traffic or the office today. Venus is moving in Uranus and there will be stress in relationships. Swallow your true feelings and don’t let angry words fly. You may want to get out bottled up emotions out of the way. You need to let off steam, but angry, sarcastic or evil words will not be the answer. You will want to shout and yell if your freedoms are curtailed this week. There are all types of things that will come into play. If you want to control a situation the next week will be very unpleasant for you. If you are a milquetoast, the universe will control you.

Pluto will push and pull at Venus on the 15th. Relationships will be worse than you have ever seen them. You might be getting a wakeup call in the relationship department. Are you really in the right relationships? Watch out for money, time and fitness issues. Pluto would love to push things out of your life. When Pluto passes though you will be highly agitated and upset.

Keep a journal of these days. Make sure to write down dreams, impressions and feelings. Shake loose and get in touch with your inner self. Be open and flexible to situations. You must take firm control over your life and personality. Don’t let your angry self be in control. Pluto is very powerful this week and you must resist sitting down and letting others walk over you. Do be kind and learn to keep your thoughts and words to yourself.

On the17th the Moon moves in Leo. Leo is full of energy and loves ease and luxury. You feel the mood lift on Friday as Saturn supports emotions during the New Moon. Neptune ads flavor to the day and you will have daydreams that border on the visionary. Worldly matters are ruled by Neptune and you may just want to escape from everything. Go to a movie, read a book, talk to a long lost friend but stay away from harmful substances.

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