This week in Astrology: August 20 - 26 horoscope

This week in Astrology: August 20 - 26 horoscope

The Sun is moving into Virgo this week.

This week in Astrology: August 20 - 26 horoscope
Weekly Astrology August 20 - 26, 2012 Horoscope Prediction

You will be influenced to get your affairs in order this week and through the month. You can expect a burst of energy to organize your home and garage this week. It will be very fulfilling!

Monday moves you from a fun-loving weekender into a construction mindset. The Sun will move and your organized self will come out. No more cocktails and flip flops, games and fun. The coolness of autumn is happening and sweaters are brought out of the closet. Virgo is the serving sign, tends to details, and is highly prepared.

Wednesday begs you in a start to a health regime, volunteer or take up re-decorating and organizing. Discover how you can use your talents to make a difference in your world. Sort through details and prepare for changes. Be sure to take vitamins and eat vegetables and fruits. You want to be perfect so practice, practice, practice. Fix things in in your home – it is a compulsion.

Thursday Mars moves out of harmony with Libra and Scorpio. There may be emotions that come to the service this next week and they continue to raise their ugly heads during the entire month. Scorpio will be processing your emotions and what is going on. Don’t seek for revenge this week. Stop being so critical of others. You are not the person the world revolves around, so change your attitude. Show that you need others for growth and balance.

The weekend will be very good, harmonious and a couple of days for retreat. Take a pre-autumn hike, meditate, dream and think of things to create. There are secrets all around you for a happy life. Listen and remember.

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