This week in astrology: August 27 - September 3 Horoscope

This week in astrology: August 27 - September 3 Horoscope

Keep breathing and don’t cause problems until Wednesday.

This week in astrology: August 27 - September 3 Horoscope
Weekly Astrology August 27 - September 3, 2012 Horoscope Prediction

Don’t try to change your world or cause issues. When you have thought through issues and contracts you can speak your mind. On Wednesday your words will be succinct and valuable. Mercury travels through Leo this week, and inspires you to say something creative. Do it now while you are in a productive mood. Communicate needs and you will get what you deserve.

The Sun is talking to Pluto who is the planet of regeneration. You are changing your thoughts. Roll with changes in your life. If you are happy staying in the status quo, you might feel anxiety and the necessity to change. Personal growth and betterment of your mind and life is on tap for this week. You can focus on just you this week. Make a move in career and life and see how good it feels to be important.

Friday presents a Full Moon which is also a blue moon. This is rare and the saying “once in a blue moon” comes from two Full Moons in one month. Pisces connects you to others and boundaries will blur this week. You might want to fight for the underdog by writing stories and pamphlets. Pisces will give you psychic dreams and reality will be a bit on the confusing side. You will be very sensitive to happenings in the world and you will wear your emotions on your sleeve.

Pay attention to little details this week. Find a project to jump into. Volunteer. Look around you and see what you can do to make the environment a little better. Be proactive with family and co-workers. Tell stories that inspire and give peace to the moment. Take care of yourself.

Make a wish on the Full Moon; both of them. Ask for help with nature and the sadness of it all. Don’t let your emotions color your judgment. If you see a bear on the road, drive past it. It is not really cute and cuddly, but harmless and dangerous at the same time. Be conservative with nature and hike in carefully.

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