This week in astrology: December 24-30, 2012

This week in astrology: December 24-30, 2012

Make plans this week to live better the next year.

This week in astrology: December 24-30, 2012
Weekly Horoscope December 24 - 30, free Astrology Prediction

Turn toward you inner self to think about where you are going and where you really want to be. Emotions will have you tuning into home security, family living and being with those you love – this includes workmates and neighbors.

Planet alignment and energy this week will give you the sense of getting ready for a new beginning. You will want everything to be perfect for the holiday season and cleaning and organizing will be a part of your week. Visit with neighbors and give them gifts from the heart. Have you even been pleased by gifts made in someone’s kitchen or workshop? You know they are from the heart. Do the same back to them.

Mercury, who is moving though all signs, may urge you to be highly honest and truthful in all things. What is truth and what is fantasy? What is the light behind the Christmas season for little ones and for the little ones inside us? It is the light of Christ, of course, but it is the light and magic of believing. There are those who would espouse that Santa is really the mixed up spelling of Satan. No! Have you seen the joy of a little one’s face when he or she sits on the knee of a mall Santa? Joy, amazement, and pure magic. Let your little ones have their illusions and beliefs for as long as they can. Adulthood, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction come all too soon. Those who give during this week do so in love and caring for those less fortunate. Take your family on an adventure; wrap and box up gifts and food and take it to someone who has little. The most remembered Christmas years ago was when this exact scenario took place, but with a twist. Leaving packages filled with food and toys on a run-down porch, three little children rang the doorbell, ran and hid on the side of the house and anticipated what could happen. The door was answered, and this was heard, “Our Santa is real, thank you.” What joy and remembrance still lies within the adult hearts of these little children. Santa is giving not taking.

This can also be a week of anxious anticipation. If you do not get what you want will you feel cheated? Could it be a week of leavings? Several years ago an engagement was broken up during this week and a new beginning came from the pain and sorrow. Who knows what is to be. There are fireworks and conflicts during this week. Stop, listen, and think before you speak. Practicing going inside yourself to find the truth of what you want and what is real. Energy is high this week but keep it the energy of friendship. Those around you who are irritating have problems that you cannot see. Seek inside yourself and know that they may have reasons for their irritability. Hug them close and whisper, “It’s all good.” Be aware of your reactions and be emotionally mature. Don’t let the coming of the end of the year ruin your week by giving you excess anxieties. Look at the moon and feel the power and energy and if you look close at the moon you will see the gentle smile that glows over the surface.

This week is a week of great potential. Settle into the week with cozy anticipation and allow yourself to be in a good mood the entire week. Let your family sit around you and talk about good times and times that could happen. Set good intentions into your life and release the hurt and poor energy you have been feeling; let go of emotional and physical baggage. Carry the spirit of the season into 2013. The ending of one year’s represents the possibility of change and new spiritual beginnings.

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