This week in astrology: December 3-9, 2012

This week in astrology: December 3-9, 2012

Free Weekly Horoscope December 3 to 9.

This week in astrology: December 3-9, 2012
Weekly Horoscope December 3 - 9, free Astrology Prediction

December is a time of looking forward and backward; of strategizing for the New Year 2013 and for living in the magic of the season. Saturn is still in Scorpio which gives more energy for making decisions and doing what needs to be done.

November’s full moon on the 28th was spectacular and the moon spent several days above the horizon. With this influence in all signs there is the need more reflection, desire to research and learn. Watch for incredible new opportunities that may be coming your way. Change when you need. Don’t slow down with the holidays but keep your ability to transform as high as you can.

Have you ever found that during December you feel like communicating more? Perhaps it is Mercury in Scorpio or it may be Venus reaching out to this same Scorpio. You have been a bit on the side of accepting everything that comes your way and this month you can begin to be more discriminating. Beware of being snobbish, however you may find yourself alone. Find those companions with the same mindset as you and those who are on your intellectual level. Friends that are involved in your career, your home life and perhaps your spirit will help you in your quest toward the future. This week would be a perfect week to develop more confidence and self-awareness. Be kind to those who have offered companionship in the past, but start to move toward those more on your level.

The Sun and Sagittarius shake hands until December 21, 2012 which will give you energy to be busy. Getting things done, and done well is your goal this month. There is going to be, however increased levels of stress as you try to do everything you can to make the holidays perfect. Perfection is only in your mind; perhaps lighten up a bit more and just enjoy the smells, tastes, and companionship of the holiday season. Look at Christmas parties as high adventures and find those people who will advance you in life. Discuss current events in both the country and business and insert information about yourself into conversations. You will be amazed at what can happen because of party-time conversations.

If you find that you absolutely need to rest and stay away from holiday festivities, know that your inner self is telling you to slow down. Take time to sit in your favorite easy chair and just breathe deep. Don’t force yourself to go anywhere or compel yourself to do anything that makes you feel less infused with the holiday spirit! Relaxation is also celebrating!

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