This week in astrology: February 11 – 17, 2013

This week in astrology: February 11 – 17, 2013

This is officially the first week of the Chinese New Year 2013 or the year of the black snake.

This week in astrology: February 11 – 17, 2013
Weekly Horoscope February 11 – 17 2013, free Astrology Prediction

When you have finished the changes in your life, you will know who you are and what you want. There will be steady and slow movement, similar to a snake and some of these movements will be backwards. Change, and be patient.

Monday gives us insight into how you make changes that improve our lives and the lives of our families. You know what you need to do to make improvements and there is energy helping you to make these changes. There are times when you must leave those you are attached to for progress in our lives. You need to look at all relationships in an unsentimental way. Pay attention to detail to make sure you are laying a new foundation for the future. Never build your “house on the sand.” Find firm foundations using family, friends, relationships and careers.

You might just meet someone who will dazzle you deeply. It may be a mentor who will lead you to a better place in your career or someone exciting who will take you to new heights. Look on this week with anticipation and excited knowledge that change is in the air and it is good. Try not to make commitments until you have read everything from the inside out. Things are not always what they seem. Take care to feel what type of energy is in the air. You may do something spontaneous that will lead to a very bad decision. You can throw caution to the wind when you are young, but when you have responsibilities you need to take knowledgeable and responsible care. In other words; think before doing.

This week is a bit tricky and represents what can happen the entire year. Think of the snake; try not to be slippery and hard to hold. Progress will be made this week in very deep ways. Maintain the truth as it is not as you see it. Be willing to bend the truth when you deal with bureaucracy and other institutions. Use your intelligence, but do not be unethical. You might want to be sneaky this week as you slither though your days. Keep thoughts to yourself if they will harm or hurt other’s feelings. Emotional deceit will give you pause, but you might need to use it in order to save a life.

Valentine’s Day is Thursday and this is a day filled with happy energy. You need to acknowledge loved ones. Be creative in your loving ways. You do not have to spend money to make someone happy. Time and conversation is very wanted this day. Look to the energy of the day and know that there are those who love and want to protect you. As the moon moves away from energetic Aries you might just hit a wall; your energy will be depleted and you will be very tired. Relax, read, take a bath, or just veg near the television.

On Friday you may find that there is high drama in your family, it might be good drama and you may find that you receive a promotion or a job. You might want to renew your passport to travel abroad. Be cautions and thoughtful.

Change and be who you want to be. Everything around you needs to remind you that you are worthy. This year of the snake will give you high intuition. Keep following your instincts and act as a snake, softly moving through issues and chaos. Change is the best thing this week. Change for the better.

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