This week in astrology: February 18 - 24, 2013

This week in astrology: February 18 - 24, 2013

Weekly Horoscope February 18 – 24 2013.

This week in astrology: February 18 - 24, 2013
Weekly Horoscope February 18 – 24 2013, free Astrology Prediction

As the Sun moves into Pisces and Saturn retrogrades you will have the chance to make sure you are making all the right moves. Mercury is also retrograding to previous ideas. You may find that Pisces energy infuses your house this week and you will do your best to feed your soul.

Parties will be on your mind this week. Or maybe they are just family get togethers. Loved ones are moving into other parts of their lives and you are being left a bit behind. Be creative and express yourself through movement. Find someone who has less than you and take care of them. Rescue an animal; go to the animal shelter and volunteer. Do what is creative for you. Your higher self is communicating with you to reach inside yourself and do what is calming and natural.

This week is an awesome week to traverse through greenhouses and garden shops looking for creative way to enhance your environment. It almost seems as if trees and water is talking to you and giving you feelings of harmony. You can tune into the reality of nature and environment and do something wonderful. This is the week, also that nothing is as it seems.

If you are careful with your money, you may find that you can save a bit this week to put into a nest egg for summer vacations.

As you move into the week, Neptune joins the Sun. You will find that there are many unexplainable items that cone up in your mind. You will need to connect from your heart. See the perfect in everyone and everything. Be aware of making long tterm commitments this week. You may see the potential, but it really is just possibilities; not a future reality. Wait until your dreamy images clear after this week.

This week is almost a magical week. Think magical thoughts and try to create a home environment that emits peace and magic. With such a dreary month, this is a great time to feel!

During this week of February you may wish for things to be easy; to come easy. This is a great idea, but Saturn is moving around and wants you to know exactly what you are doing and have grasp on what needs to be done. Saturn is again retrograding and you know that plunging ahead with ideas and plans would be foolhardy. Review all those things that you need to do this week; write them down. Make sure you are finishing projects to the best of your ability. Before you start something new, be sure you are covering all the bases make sure you are moving forward in a very efficient way. Again write your plans and dreams down! If you lay a solid foundation you can get things done quickly and with efficiency.

Be decisive when you step into projects. Make an outline of what you need to do Write down the people that you can count on and be thoughtful. Don’t hurry though the week, but be deliberate.

Towards the weekend, Mercury will slide back into the past for a bit. This will cause thing to be a bit dicey. You will not make sense of the things you do. You will find that electronics start to stop working and now it is so very confusingly. Take a deep breath and sit for a bit. Mediate and look into a quiet place. You can then come out and head in the right direction. During this week Mercury is in Pisces and you may have extra help getting the perspective in what you need to do.

You will find this week that every problem in your life can be solved using spiritual solutions. Relax and be controlled. Make sure you are headed in the right direction and progress. You will have extra help with Mercury in Pisces. Pieces is spiritual and will give you inspiration to also be spiritual.

The end of the week brings a shift in energy. Your emotions will be very high this week and you need to relax as much you can. Eat and exercise. Eat healthy and care for yourself. Find free time to do things that you need to do and find your own space. You will find that if you slow down you will have a new mission in life. Listen to those you love with a deeper sense of commitment and they will return love and patience to you.

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