This week in astrology: February 25 - March 3, 2013

This week in astrology: February 25 - March 3, 2013

This week February 25 through March 3 2013 there is a powerful but complicated angle between the Sun and Jupiter.

This week in astrology: February 25 - March 3, 2013
Weekly Horoscope February 25 - March 3 2013, free Astrology Prediction

There are expanded possibilities for your life but do remember there is no growth without opposition. This week you will be forced to balance and grow. You will need to step up your responsibilities and actions and expand what is around you. You are not excited about the process of changing and expanding and it does take courage. You do need to have a willingness to learn new things this week and find the courage to alter what you are doing right now. If you do not want to attempt change or alter your life, you can just sink your head in the sand and do nothing. This is a form of living, but it will not be progressive. You can also do what needs to be done to fulfill goals and dreams and discover you need to be. This is living – changes and altering. If you make changes you will have joy and invigoration once you are on track.

Neptune is in opposition to the moon this week and there may be deceit in your life. It comes from those around you and maybe even from your own feelings and mind. Try to categorize your feelings and put them in the proper files. Stop and think a bit and you might see confusion and deceit form a different perspective. You can see that there are those not being totally honest with you, but you need to determine why instead of reacting negatively. You can set things right, create order, and get rid of neglect.

If you love art, this is the week to find creative outlets for your efforts. Try and find someone who will sponsor you in your artistic endeavors. You have nothing to lose.

Thoughts are great and computers are awesome, but you need to set your goals and intentions down with paper and pen. Writing your ideas out will keep them in your mind. Write up your visualizations and read them on a daily basis. This is a very wonderful step in the manifesting of your reality, your goals, and your big picture. If you see yourself with abundance of heath and wealth plus peace, you may find that you begin to love everything around you. You will find that things work out how you want them to. You are a creator in your own right and with the planets in alignment you will be able to give your ideas to your waiting world.

This week Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Mars and the Sun are traveling through Pisces. This creates a very huge burst of energy in those who are Pisces. Everything seems to be expanding and finding new priorities. Things are evolving and becoming more spiritual, light and worthwhile. Find the part of your life that Pisces affects and see the influx of spiritual energy.

On the last day of the week, do something for yourself. Take a nap, read a good book, begin to garden. Meditate on what is going on in your life and learn to breathe correctly. Imagine the most beautiful place you want to be and make it beautiful. Send out good vibes to those around you and feel their good thoughts coming back to you. This is the way to energize all of us.

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