This week in astrology: February 4 – 10 2013

This week in astrology: February 4 – 10 2013

As Mars and Neptune merge their energy you will find that you are a bit confused today.

This week in astrology: February 4 – 10 2013
Weekly Horoscope February 4 – 10 2013, free Astrology Prediction

Should you go out tonight or stay home? Should you finish project one or project two first. You may feel that you are very frustrated by your incoherent thoughts. Sometimes mind chatter is very distracting and nothing is certain. Do you remember the past correctly? Can you move into the future by thinking of the past? So many confusing thoughts.

Mars will enter and give you more energy later in the week and Neptune will charge up your imagination. You will be better able to get things done as Friday approaches. Don’t listen to your dreams this week; they will make you more confused than ever. If you feel sapped of energy and long to go to sleep during the day; follow your instincts. Your mind and body sometimes know things’ that we do not.

The first part of the week moves more into Aquarius. Still there is confusion, but clarity comes when you are prepared and look at all sides of a question. Use the energy you have this week to connect yourself to nature and the spiritual. For some reason you are highly psychic today and the veil seems very thin. Perhaps this is due to a retrograde this month that takes you back again to the things that you lost.

This is a good month to get in touch with your guardian angels and spiritual guides. Read books on spiritual matters – your religion or someone else – and connect with the universe on a spiritual and enlightened manner. You have been thinking of doing something that helps make you calmer; reading can do that if you let it.

This is an awesome week for creative thinking. You will find that everything you touch turns to something wonderful! You are also a bit more sensitive this week than normal. Perhaps you might want to plant your feet firmly on the ground and not let things others say get in the way. Be sensitive, but not so that you are emotionally unstable.

As Venus moves around this week things can happen that are very good. You will find that what you value is the most important factor in your life this week. Have a harmonious relationship with you Maker. If you are in a relationship you will make things a bit deeper this week by communication. If you are single, maybe a soul mate will come along? You never know.

On Friday the Moon moves into Aquarius. You are filled with humanity but you often leave personal relationships to the side. There is a very different energy when Mercury and Mars come together in Pisces this week. Again it is all confusion. You may have energy that gives you the ability to connect with someone else. It may be someone you have known for a long time and now they want to come together. You may find someone from a past life that will turn out to be a good friend. You might just have a desire to share what has been going on in your life. You will find that this persona will give you advice that may change your perspective on things.

Start something new or regain something old. Take your yoga class again, being to read those novels you have neglected, or try and work at a more leisurely pace. Do not take things to hear!

Life is about change but things come along and make us better people. Try not to be anxious about those things you Just go with the flow and if you cannot do something, don’t.

A we move into the year of the black snake literally shed the skin of your old life and transform this year. Make it a good year! Life is so very busy and not always clear. Take the confusion of this week and turn it into a time for change and retreat. Do not forget to treat yourself this week. Everyone deserves something just for themselves.

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