This week in astrology: January 14-20, 2013

This week in astrology: January 14-20, 2013

Free weekly horoscope for January 14-20 2013.

This week in astrology: January 14-20, 2013
Weekly Horoscope January 14-20 2013, free Astrology Prediction

There is a window of opportunity beginning on Monday, January 14th and lasting until Wednesday, January 16th that will give you the impetus to make changes in all aspects of your life. These changes will be deep and long lasting but may be a bit difficult to initiate. All signs love “ruts” and to stay with the status quo. Yet this week brings a new beginning and a time when change brings different experiences that will highlight who you want to be. Be aware of these changes and remember that when “one door closes another door opens.”

You become more clear this week as you think about probable futures. You long for something different; a change and your daydreams and intuitions will guide your thoughts. While the energy is high this week, listen to intuition and watch your psychic abilities. You may have the opportunities to have visions of your actual future. Do not jump into anything, but sit quietly and listen to your inner voices tell you which way to go.

Wednesday will bring intensities in every aspect of your life. You will be compelled to tell the truth in every situation and like the movie, “Liar Liar” you will cause confusion and sometimes anger. However you now have clarity at what should be going on in your life and you have finally made a choice. Your long term decisions will be high quality and bring extraordinary importance into your life and the lives of your family.

If relationships are a bit on the dicey side this week, you will find that you are arguing more and trying to get the air cleared. Do you really want to stay in this relationships is the question of the week. Your questions is what do you do now. Truth and honesty are the key words of the week and “the truth will set you free”. Just move with what naturally happens and use your intuition to make things right.

Thursday is taking you closer to the weekend and you will find a support as Saturn and Venus move together. You will feel better that your life is going in the right direction. Do not take things lightly and know that business, family and relationships are very serious. Be committed to succeeding in all your plans and dreams.

Yea! it is Friday and the end to a very confusing, busy, and deep week. You are feeling a bit stifled today and you are trying to think of ways to escape for the weekend. Think about what you could do and where you could go. Thoughts that are careening through your mind are the ways you can develop your future. As your thoughts rise, make notes, and write down ideas. There are thoughts and things that you must remember; write them down. Don’t lose track of what you can do in the future if you put your mind to it.

Saturday the 19th is finally here. You long to sleep in and stretch your body and mind. The Sun is shifting into Aquarius and you want to show the world how relaxed and confident you are. Change; make something different about yourself. Do not go overboard in changing who you are, but you might want to rethink how you appear to the world. Be an original. You might find that there are incredible plans in your mind. You are self-communicating and looking at your inner self for wisdom. Take all your ideas seriously. Make today a fantastic awareness to go out and mingle and socialize with friends and acquaintances.. Throw an impromptu party. Listen to your friends and those who are wiser than you.

A huge thought entering your mind this week, is to make a difference. Find a humanitarian cause you feel is worthy of your time and jump in. Remember that one person at time can make a difference. It is up to you to make the changes and give the ideas. Let go and move with the times. Holding back this week could give you indigestion and a guilty conscious.

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