This week in Astrology -January 30th - February 6th, 2012

This week in Astrology -January 30th - February 6th, 2012

January 30th - February 6th 2012.

This week in Astrology -January 30th - February 6th, 2012
Weekly Horoscope, This week in Astrology -January 30th - February 6th, 2012

We are now one week into the Chinese New Year: Now is the year of the Water Dragon, this mythical creature of power and creativity leaves us feeling like anything can happen- Anything is possible! In the year ahead we can do anything! Be anything! Have Anything! Life has been waiting to be lived, and it really can't wait any longer. Take the wild ride into the future- hop on back of that dragon and fly-2012 will be wow. Like nothing you've seen before.

Or you could do nothing. It's always a choice. Even when you can't decide somehow you are deciding. You probably had some great ideas last week- New realizations and insights into how things could be different and better. Mars stopped its forward trek through detail oriented Virgo, and is retrograding. This means that the Virgo parts of our world are getting some extra action. This could bother you if you like to keep moving- but think of it as a chance to really see the flaws in the design of some area of your life.

You feel most at ease if you are being of service in some way. The ways you could be a helpful force for good are endless, that's what your creativity is for. To quote the wise words of life coach and guide Selena Murillo, "You have to find your Uniquity" - that special something that is uniquely you and share it with the world. This last week you probably has a taste of this part of yourself. You had a chance to get into the groove of who you are deep deep down.

On Monday the 30th, the moon will be in stable, methodical Taurus and fused with ever expansive Jupiter. You have a chance to think big, while at the same time thinking real- a success insuring combo, so make your moves, fire off that email, register for that course, take a step, any step, and you will find it well timed.

February first the moon moves to super active chatty Gemini. Learning is fun when Gemini is in influence. For a while. Do your errands now- out and about this way and that keeps Gemini energy content and well-fed. Mars and Venus are in opposition this day as well. Watch for fireworks of some kind. An argument or a passionate discussion about the future. Express your thoughts and ideas now to ease the internal pressure. The cosmos are urging growth, shaking things up: "let those rock tumbling moments polish you up."

On Friday the 3rd of February Neptune is going home into Pisces. Neptune is the connection we all have to the source of all things. Neptune is the dreamy ideals we hold in our hearts- The desires we don't really believe in, even though if we could believe we would be led to our deepest joy. You may feel peace welling up within, a more compassionate we-are-one world view begin to form. Neptune in Pisces ushers in some really big Love on our planet Earth. We will each feel this in our own lives as well. Life is Magical. This could be the year that we find out Unicorns exist and dragons aren't mythical at all. Magic will happen, reminding us of something greater, something benevolent just beyond.

This first weekend in February the moon shifts into Cancer. Stay close to home and cozy. With deep digging Pluto in opposition to the moon you may just find some clarity relating to your own emotional self. Expect psychological insight along with the power to make some change in this area- all while you are in the tub, or snuggled by the fire: May we each have a fire to snuggle in front of and positive life altering insights.

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