This week in astrology: June 10 - 16, 2013

This week in astrology: June 10 - 16, 2013

Things you love and bring you peace of mind will be paramount this week.

This week in astrology: June 10 - 16, 2013
Weekly Horoscope June 10 - 16, 2013 - free Astrology Prediction

You may not want to do something, but once you get into the project you will find that it was what you needed all along. This is a week of looking at issues with a clear mind and coming up with healthy results. You finally realize you are needed to be the peacemaker, the comforter, and the nurturer.

On Monday and Tuesday Venus and the Moon as well as Mercury are moving into Cancer. Your natural ability to nurture comes into play these days. Cancer is highly sensitive and communicates through energy. Cancer projects what they feel and ask others to give back. This is done subtly and can be a bit disconcerting with some of the more out front and open signs. Get hold of your emotions and communicate honestly. The Sun walks through Gemini and communication will be enhanced. You cannot hold back your feelings, opinions and advice. Be truthful – the truth will set you free. Truth will help you along life’s path this week.

Cancer is most protective and motherly. Cancer does not care who they initially irritate when making changes. They want things the way they picture them. Cancer’s energy is home and hearth and being cozy. It is sometimes hard to balance being introverted with being extroverted. However, when you are talking you tend to be very wordy and long. The Sun and Mars in Gemini move quickly and expect projects and chores to be finished in a timely manner and with perfection. This week is highly emotional. You may be irritated and uncommunicative, but you need to draw in your emotions. Be uplifted this week rather than burdened. Your attitude is how you will act. Choose uplifting thoughts and grow toward the light and knowledge.

The entire week is one of creating a secure and safe foundation. You may need to discuss issues with your real mother and be comforted. You need assurance that you are doing a good job. Cancer will need to be there for others and need to be nurtured back. Nurturing those in your family and work place is important this week. Work on your home. Make it a haven, a secure place to be, somewhere troubles can be put on the doorstep. Keep your home your sanctuary. It is the place you run to when you are feeling down.

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