This week in Astrology: June 11- 17, 2012 prediction

This week in Astrology: June 11- 17, 2012 prediction

Jupiter arrives in Gemini this week.

This week in Astrology: June 11- 17, 2012 prediction
This week Astrology Predictions for June 11 - June 17, 2012

Look where Jupiter is travelling in your birth chart and you will find how Jupiter’s energy affects you. Look for Jupiter if you want to know when you will be lucky. Changes and newness plus dumb luck are under Jupiter. Jupiter also is master of philosophies and gratitude, wisdom and higher education.

Monday brings Jupiter into Gemini. You should feel a shift in some area of your life. Jupiter was first in Taurus who is a status quo loving sign. Now Jupiter influences Gemini who longs for adventure and information. Exchanging ideas with your companions is very important this week. There will be an upswing in curiosity. The Universe will smile on you. Luck is with you.

There will be an increase in truth this week. Jupiter loves the truth of everything and deceit and darkness do not function under Jupiter’s bright shining. Shocking truths will come to the surface. You can no long carry misconceptions about reality; the internet has taken the blinders off your eyes. Jupiter means looking for intuition. You will know without knowing you know because of Jupiter.

Communication on Monday may have a bit of an unfortunate side. Mercury’s clarity of communication is challenged by Pluto. There is not terrible confusions, but a revealing of hidden truths. It might be a tricky day depending on what you are intending to do with information. Uranus moves in the mix and challenges you to rebel. If you need to stand up for yourself today, you will be influenced by Uranus, Mercury and Pluto.

Until Thursday communication will be the focus of your life. The Moon will move from Aries to Taurus and you can touch down for a bit and replenish your senses. Eat well and enjoy the good foods that abound in your area. Lie around in the Sun, walk with the Moon and breathe in the spring air. These will help bolster you up after all the stresses of your life. Balance is good.

The Moon moves into Gemini on Saturday. Tackle all your chores and projects this weekend. If you have projects that need verbal talents, do so! It will be awesome. When you get things done in the community you will fill great. Take time out to be entertained. Go to a movie or a restaurant and people watch. Your sleep may be a bit on the uneasy side since your mind is moving at 100 miles per hour.

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