This week in astrology: June 4- 10, 2012 prediction

This week in astrology: June 4- 10, 2012 prediction

This is the week to choose your destiny.

This week in astrology: June 4- 10, 2012 prediction
This week Astrology Predictions for June 3 - June 10, 2012

Do you choose being alone or choosing love. A Full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius make us think in truthful words. Neptune steps to head backwards and Venus crosses the face of the Sun; flaunting her charms. Everyone has a part they need to fulfill this week. Sty open and honest and see what unfolds.

Monday is the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This moon will reveal what is hidden. Repress what you do not want to see until the Full Moon, but when the eclipse comes, it will cause you to look at yourself with new eyes. Use the energy of the eclipse to transform. Change is the choice of intelligent people. You can stay the same but that is not our path. Recreate yourself and make important new choices.

This week the Moon will shine through Sagittarius and the parts you hide form others, the parts that cause trouble will come up from the darkness of your souls. You will learn what you need to do and what you need to own up to. Stifled parts of you need to break free and integrate. Change your life when you learn what it is that is making you difficult. Write a book, move to a new country, and find a new career. The Eclipse will reveal all this to you. Think outside the box. Understand what is wrong and make changes.

On Monday Neptune moves forward. Energy becomes somewhat dreamy and illusions seem happier than reality. You may find your addictive behaviors are heightened. Don’t let them take over your life. Fight through Neptune’s influence of making fantasies seem real. You will be too confused to make decisions this week. Stay inside and keep to yourself. Face your fears if you can and learn that fear will not hurt you.

On Tuesday Venus crosses the sun. If your life is negatively affected by deceitful situations or drugs, shopping, gambling or drinking addictions; change. Look to your partner and seek out their addictive problems. It is time to see thing straight and set things right. Mars moves into the mix and moves out; no wanting to take this confusion and problems any more.

Keep notes of how you want to change. Chart your progress and express yourself freely. This is key to understand what is happening around you. Take care to keep your health high. Eat great nourishing meals and exercise. Take vitamin B and C plus D to keep your immune system up to par. Deep breathe a bit during the day and stay grounded. Walk barefoot and take hot baths.

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