This week in astrology: March 25 - 31, 2013

This week in astrology: March 25 - 31, 2013

Watch for the full moon this week.

This week in astrology: March 25 - 31, 2013
Weekly Horoscope March 25 to 31, 2013 - free Astrology Prediction

It will be tense and you will feel the pull of stress and anxiety during most of the month. The Moon will travel in Libra and in direct opposition to the plants residing this week in Aries. They will form a stellium or a group of planets that are huddled together. The energies in these planets fuse together and the Sun plus Venus will threaten your wellbeing. Mars will also there and he is oppressive. Uranus is a rebel and brings you thoughts of unease. Since Libra loves peace things going around you and in your head will not be comfortable.

With all the planets and the energy in Aries you will want to review your relationship. You want to be yourself and answer to no one. You will not apologize for who you are. You need companionship that is supportive and loving, but you need to consider if you are that type of person. Look around at your friends and relationships and decide if your friends are really who you think they are.

You will feel so very torn between two ideas this week. It is a strange and anxious place to be. You are confused and frustrated and one side of you wants one thing and the other side wants something else. Think of it this way: without opposition you could not appreciate what you have. When the stress is over it will be interesting.

Thursday is intense. The Sun moves with Uranus and Venus under intense Scorpio Moon and things are difficult. There are life enhancing encounters, different situations, and uncomfortable positions. It is very possible this complicated situation in your life will work itself out without any intervention. Just remember, life would be very dull if there were no difficulties. You need wind to blow out the cobwebs in your mind. This week will do that for you.

If you are feeling a sudden urge to be totally free from restricting relationships and situations, then do something about it. Freedom is your right. Do use wisdom in all things, however, if you leave situations behind you may regret it. Turn toward bright new beginnings of spring, however and dream big.

As this week draws to a close there will be more challenges for you. A square between Pluto and Venus will cause changes in relationships. Your values are in question and you wonder if you have been making the right decisions all along. Pluto is active this week and it is important to think of the great good for all involved. If you are selfish you will feel like a victim. Take the reins and just jump in. This is a week of insight and serious growth in relationships. Make sure you are always kind and courteous even when you are changing.

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