This week in Astrology: May 28 - June 3 Prediction

This week in Astrology: May 28 - June 3 Prediction

Monday is a dynamic day.

This week in Astrology: May 28 - June 3 Prediction
This week Astrology Predictions for May 28 - June 3, 2012

The Moon is in Virgo. You will react to planetary interactions with diligence filled with stress. You have energy to get things done. You will be very crazy trying to get all the projects finished before days end. Emotions will be high and then low. You may be elated about prospects and confused about decisions. Monday is unpredictable and not what it seems. Just get things done when you can.

On Wednesday the Moon travel to Libra. Relationships and friendships are important. You will feel irritated as Pluto wants to make relationship changes. You may find that the one you “love” is unbearable. Use the energy that the Moons is sending you to react positively to issues. Libra energy knows what is happening and will be there to help. You are reacting to dramas that are not real; they are only inside you.

On Friday the Moon moves to Scorpio. Scorpio is investigative and intense with a great deal of energy. You have the willpower to stop addictions or give up unhealthy habits. There may be issues of abandonment and betrayal that surface today. Be intimate if you are in a committed loving relationship. Scorpio will help you. This is a great weekend to finalize relationship goals.

Mercury makes connections on Friday and communicates information in many different ways. Venus make us realize we need to value our relationships. Today is a great day to find your core values. Remember that there can be strife in a relationships since there is a difference in core values. Identify these differences to discover where you can patch things up. Comprise if you can. Life is too short to be in a relationship that is unhealthy. You will know what to do.

Although your life is confusing the Sun shines through Gemini and you really enjoy the frantic pace of your life today. Fast changes may not be what you want and you may feel anxious, however. Watch for issues in your lung and nervous system. Make sure you are following health plans to the letter.

The weekend will find you feeling the effects of the Lunar Eclipse. You will be energized and able to clear out the cobwebs in your mind. Be kind to yourself. Don’t be totally critical about who you are and what you do. Be honest with yourself.

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