This week in astrology: October 15 - 21, 2012

This week in astrology: October 15 - 21, 2012

Take care with your connections this week.

This week in astrology: October 15 - 21, 2012
Weekly Horoscope October 15 - 21, free Astrology Prediction

Surround yourself with those who are authentic and honest. Life is quickly passing and there is no time for pretending. Be who you are supposed to be and attract the support you need.

Sit think on Monday. The forty-eight hours that come after a New Moon help when thinking about the future. Use the energy of the New Moon to launch yourself into a new career, family and future. You have high instincts and want peace and understanding. You deserve peace, but it is up to you. You can eliminate situations and relationships that are detrimental to your harmony and peace.

Monday through Wednesday brings on the opportunities to make progress in projects and assignments. There is great energy lifting you up and you can merge with this energy field and bring balance to your life. Ask yourself if your relationships are good, is your environment detrimental to you health or life, and do you surround yourself with color and beauty? Aesthetics are important this week.

This is the week to be charming and charismatic. Tuesday will being opportunities to self-promote yourself. Ask for a promotion, talk to that awesome new employee, and bring your ideas to the company forum. Share your visions and connect.

Venus, the planet of relationships is connecting to Mercury this week. Deeper intimacy with your love is possible this week. Use your charming and intelligent conversation to wow them. There is an intense feeling in the air. Let past betrayals and lack of trust go away. Breathe deep and let emotions calm down. It takes a lifetime to build a relationship, but you can destroy it in one second.

Make the most of high energy this week and be clear about where you are going. See the big picture. If you have no goals you will achieve nothing. You all have goals, just think about them. If you want a new life you might need to make changes to your physical appearance. If you want to write, site down with pen and paper and began creating. Appreciate what is around you this week. Use imagination and visualization to choose what you want to do. Stop feeling sad and resentful of others. This attracts evil situations to your life. You will receive what you give.

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