This week in astrology: October 22 - 28, 2012

This week in astrology: October 22 - 28, 2012

The Sun is appearing in Scorpio.

This week in astrology: October 22 - 28, 2012
Weekly Horoscope October 22 - 28, free Astrology Prediction

Scorpio is the sign of fall and while we watch everything die around us, Scorpio is really preparing nature for sleep. It is a strengthening process. We are now able to access courage, learning and wisdom. Turn to the shadows and revitalize your soul.

The Sun moves from Libra into Scorpio with his companions of Pluto and Mars. Scorpios will feel they have a renewed sense of power. They will have a chance to gain control and develop boundaries. Life is great and opportunities will come your way. You have a chance to learn vocation and responsibility.

Scorpio feels emotions deeply. During this week you will feel more than you should. You will probably cry at the drop of a hat, and on the flip side you will anger easily. You may find if you are Taurus you hate this feeling of insecurity and emotions. This week will bring on critical vocalizations, tempers, and jealousies. Every word you say will be cutting. Scorpio’s dark side is truly black and if emotions are not contained you will stay black the rest of the week. Trust your own wisdom and dig out of your black stage. Your light is truly stunning.

During the middle of the week the Sun will find Neptune and they will join together with harmony. Dreams and wishes plus visions and impressions will come to you at a price. You have a spiritual purpose and you will soon find out what it is. You feel the emotions of people and intuitively know what is going to happen. This is a magical week when the Sun trines with Neptune. Show gratitude and be happy you have loving energy.

At the end of the week, the Sun passes over Saturn. Energy is released and healing forces come into play. Saturn allows you to have courage and take responsibility for your situation at work and home. You will have great insight why scenarios of discomfort, hurt, and emotion keep happening. This week will liberate your from past pain. Just lay it down and walk away.

On Thursday your good friends Venus and Mercury enjoy a wonderful conversation at your expense. Uplifting conversations are happening for you this day and you will be aware of your friends. Everything will seem just a little more wonderful and beautiful. You want to be impressive. This is an awesome day. Little miracles will happen all around you.

Sunday is a power day. Venus slides into Libra. You want the joy of peace and balance in your life and in your relationships. Speak to gain knowledge. This is the perfect day to be cozy, warm and cuddly.

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