This week in Astrology: September 10 - 16, Horoscope

This week in Astrology: September 10 - 16, Horoscope

During this week lose relationships and associations that are unbalanced and causing you harm.

This week in Astrology: September 10 - 16, Horoscope
Weekly Astrology September 10 - 16, 2012 Horoscope Prediction

Talk with associates, home and family. Emphasize how great it is to be a part of a family. Write down what you need to get done quickly. Fall is coming and the need to prepare for the winter months. Clean up your home. Get your winter clothes cleaned and ready. Sort out drawers and closets. Organization is the word of the week. Turn your home into a cozy and safe environment and create space to relax and refresh. Take stock of your health and the health and well-being of your family. Eat better than you have in the summer. Think vegetable stews, soups and warm drinks. Stay warm inside.

Thursday Juno slides around Scorpio. Juno is leading toward the North Node of Scorpio and this points to the future. Things may become very intense at home and work. Lose the rose-colored glasses and look at things in a new light. Make it a real light. Be honest. You will be zapped with the truth on Thursday and you will able to head off actions that are not good for you. Get all your phobias and thoughts out into the open. It will be empowering.

On Saturday the New Moon moves through Virgo. Virgo energy is productive. Make a detailed plan of action and find the will power to finish projects and summer chores. If health is an issue buck up and research; look for answers. Think about what you can do to get healthy. Sit and write out your feelings. Organize your life and search for perfection. If you find that there are things you can do to be healthier, do them and do them quickly. Thinking can be augmented by meditation, yoga, taking a hot bath in the dark, prayer and reflection.

Sunday the moon moves in Libra. Your relationships will be highlighted and communication will be the key. Mercury convinces you that now is the time to talk out your problems and issues. You can write a love poem to inspire communication. Find inspiration and capture what you love most about your live. Feel the energy of love and beauty. You might want to sculpt, draw, write or paint. Improve your environment. Watch and be ready for new relationships. You know that when one door closes another one opens.

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