This week in Astrology: September 17 - 23, Horoscope

This week in Astrology: September 17 - 23, Horoscope

It is good for the soul to be helpful and this week of September 17-23 is a great week to help neighbors with winterizing their homes, friends with finance problems, and the homeless with soup kitchens.

This week in Astrology: September 17 - 23, Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope September 17 - 23, 2012 Astrology Prediction

Helping can bring out the positive side of your soul and is a powerful change. Your progress, help and kindness brings people together.

Pluto keeps moving in Capricorn and has done so since April. Now is the time to face the music and dig through the chaos of your life. There is energy in both death and birth and Pluto takes charge of death. Capricorn is hardworking and is aware of the need to be responsible yet positive. This week money is powerful. Watch and wait for the truth to come out in politics, governments, and self.

When Pluto is active you always feel changes. This week the change will be healing. It is a chance to begin all over with a more solid foundation. Build that foundation on responsibility and wisdom. Step up to the plate and take are of your responsibilities in family, work and the world.

Tuesday Pluto squares off with Uranus. These two planets want change and reform. Pluto would like to change with order and discipline, but Uranus wants to be spontaneous and shocking. When these two begin to fight there are all types of issues happening in the world. Keep breathing and try not to be stuck in stress and anxiety. Use all your power to prevent stress from attacking your life. Breathe, yoga, meditation, all are very good stress relievers.

On Thursday communicate with those around you. Learn things from friends, family and co-workers. Mercury is being very dynamic this week and is enlightening Uranus and Pluto on the way to communicate. There will be difficult negations this week, but do consider all sides of the problem. Take this week to be helpful. Ask those around what you can do. This will be a difficult week for many of the signs, and you can help. Challenge is good; being one with your world is better.

You will remember this week as one you learned to be of service to others. You are open to guidance, ready to let go of chaos, and learn clean up and discard skills. Listen to those who are older and wiser than you and take their advice. Learn to love and be loved this week. You will need it through the winter months.

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