This week in Astrology: September 3 - 9 Horoscope

This week in Astrology: September 3 - 9 Horoscope

Monday the Moon moves in Aries and contacts Jupiter.

This week in Astrology: September 3 - 9 Horoscope
Weekly Astrology September 3 - 9, 2012 Horoscope Prediction

Pluto and Mars provide the focus and drive to take care of any opportunities that come into your universe. Stand tall and forge though whatever is in front of you and what challenges you are experiencing. What you do now will keep you through the rest of the year.

Interesting day on Tuesday. Old emotions and feelings will come to the surface and you will be stunned. This is a difficult and emotion time in your life but emotions that have remained hidden for years will be released. You will finally be free. Cry, yell, or run. Do what you need to get the emotions released. Friends and family will support you.

Leo and Venus leap for joy on Thursday. There will be a feeling of change in values in the air. You are tired of working all the time and want some fun. There are luxury and wonderful times ahead in relationships. Much more communications and expressing yourself is more than talking. Beware of becoming belligerent and stomping your feet. Shouting will not allow issues go your way. If you are hurt and wounded by relationships or co-workers don’t just pout and turn away in frustration. Emotionally you are aware of what you need, but intellectually you are at odds with everyone else and your own ideas. Confusion reigns but it does help you realize you need to focus on change.

Mercury in Virgo lends a hand in organization. Things are clear and your flaws are out in the open. Vigo prepares you for an introspective time that comes with the cold and dark days of winter. You can be productive during this autumn time. Start a healthy routine and be on top of things. Virgo will help you. Release fearful thoughts and become more imaginative. Envision where you are going the rest of the year.

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