Total Lunar Eclipse - December 10th, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse - December 10th, 2011

Neptune and the Total Lunar Eclipse merge together and make things somewhat confused.

Total Lunar Eclipse - December 10th, 2011
Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10th, 2011, Astrology Forecast linked with this Event

You are not sure where to start or how to stop. You are frustrated by the mind chatter that is very distracting today. Try to forget the past and move into the future. You will be happier.

As the week moves on Mars comes into your sign and things become a bit clearer. Use your imagination to finish projects and chores. Forget dreams, both day and night, and listen to your intuition. Sleep well at night, take sleep aids if you need, but get the full amount of sleep you require.

The week moves into Aquarius and you become more grounded to the earth when you look at all sides of a question. Use energy to connect yourself to nature and to your spiritual side. You are psychic today and things are very fuzzy. Perhaps this is the movement of the planets reminding you of things you no longer have.

Watch and listen to your spiritual guides. They are your guardian angels. Connect with the world and the sky above on a spiritual wave. Do something that makes you calm. Meditation, reading, or doing for others will help. You are very valuable to others this week. Pray often and listen to the still small voice coming back to you. Make your love relationship deeper and stronger. Communicate. If you are single, watch for your soul mate.

Personal relationships cannot be left to the sidelines this week. Pay attention to those you love and work with. Aquarius and the Moon are moving together and fill you with the need to do charity. Remember that charity begins at home. There may be someone from a past life who comes back to haunt you. They will be a good friend, but no longer a lover. They will be there for you.

Regain your balance. Read those lost novels, take a yoga class, meditate, go to lunch with calm friends and work at a more leisurely pace. Don’t worry about what you cannot do; just focus on what you can do this week. Treat yourself this week. Don’t neglect you.

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