Venus Moves to Capricorn

Venus Moves to Capricorn

Venus is the planet of relating.

Venus Moves to Capricorn
Venus Moves to Capricorn on 26th of November taking out to light something hidden

It governs our relationships, our values and our sense of style too. Venus in Capricorn is serious business. Now you can get down to the work of making it all real. Putting into practice your ideals in regard to relationships. Capricorn can appear to be a cold sign. They have way of shutting off the emotions to get the job done. This a great trait in a real emergency, but to live like this continuously would cut one off from intimacy and true connection. Watch yourself for repression.

You may find work relationships assume importance now- It's time to put your business suit on and go after what you want in a step-by-step fashion. Capricorn makes commitments and you may find yourself feeling the need to something solid in your life now. If you've been playing the field you could feel the longing for something real and permanent. Suddenly your value's shift and all the fun is meaningless. Its hard work that pays the dividends now. The long haul is going to get you there.

Saturn will be ruling Venus until the 20th of December. Saturn is the task master. The area in our chart with Saturn will inevitably have some difficult lessons for us to learn. We learn that hard work is necessary. We learn that life can be painful and lonely. We feel rejected and lame. We feel weak and unworthy. Deep down we are unloved and unlovable. We all get broken and sometimes there isn't a happy ending insight. Ous puzzles won't ever complete, the pieces are missing for good. When you slip into unshakable sadness, when hopelessness pervades, you have become a child of Saturn. In the Victorian era they used to build a little cabin on the family land for people to go and work through this sort of despondency and those who needed to go off to this little spot were Saturns Child. Nowadays we like to use drugs to snap people out of such nonsense. There is no time in our fast-paced reality for feeling crappy. So we pop a pill, altering the brain chemistry, to invoke a more socially acceptable mood. It's a shame we have not found away to honor our blue periods, making room to naturally work through it. We would all emerge eventually, renewed and wise, rather than addicted and suppressed. It strengthens us to search around in the darkness, to confront our shadows.

Now if you have harmonious aspects in your chart you will feel the strength of Venus in Capricorn. Your ambition will soar and you'll make important business connections. If there is a stressful spot you might be feeling the less powerful side of this energy. You may be feeling fearful and worthless instead. Maybe you will feel it all at the same time. Take the time you need to feel what you are feeling so you can come out on the other-side renewed and wise.

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