Weekly astrology Forecast

Weekly astrology Forecast

February 6th - 13th 2012.

Weekly astrology Forecast
Astrology Forecast for this week February 6th - 13th, 2012

The sixth of February the Moon in Sun ruled Leo will help you take action towards your own best interests. Enthusiasm bubbles, and you find yourself seeking involvement. Now is not the time to be shy and hang back. Put yourself out there and get ready for Tuesday-schedule some time to focus on your goals. Discover the power of daily visualization- create your perfect world buy seeing it as already here.

Tuesday is a big day. With the Full Moon occurring in encouraging Leo you may see clearly now your special place in the world. Mercury and the Sun Conjoin in Aquarius to bring a touch of brilliance to all your communications- who you really are is accessible now. Be open to opportunities and be sure to follow hunches. Unique thoughts and ideas that can further your ambitions are floating around in the ether's-be open to receive. Write down everything that comes to you now and by spring you will see the wisdom in your hunches.

Also on Tuesday, Saturn, planet of hard work and quality, is stopping forward movement to allow you some time to review what you are working towards- patience will be well rewarded. You have an eye for detail now so think carefully, be thoughtful. What steps are required to achieve your goals? If you are not currently engaged in accomplishing something important in your life, you are off task.

Saturn in Libra will have you feeling the pressure to relate to others in a fair and balanced way. Saturn is the task master and you could be feeling the burden of obligation right now. Try to remember what goes around comes around- be there for others when you can and be sure that there is balance in the relationship. Remember if you teach a man to fish he can feed himself. It is appropriate and right to be there for others, but be careful you are not always the giver. Unbalanced relationships are ripe for resentment. Resentment is a toxic emotion if left to fester. This Saturn Libra energy will help you fetter out any such issues. You have a real opportunity to surround yourself with beauty and positive people. You have the work ethic to make tough choices now so don't avoid what you need to do.

This very same day Venus, the way you relate to yourself and others, your values and sense of worth, is moving into Aries. Suddenly you feel courageous and ready for action. You may find yourself being flirty and ready for adventure. Just watch yourself, try not to be to self-serving. Honest straightforward communication will win every time. Life is changing and this week you will really feel it. Find healthful routines to help you feel stable and strong.

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