Weekly Forecast for December 5th -12th, 2011

Weekly Forecast for December 5th -12th, 2011

Let your creative ideas out to your superiors at work and your partner at home.

Weekly Forecast for December 5th -12th, 2011
Overall Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 5th to the 12th, 2011

Restructure your life to meet those tasks that are detailed. Energy will be high for projects depending on your expertise. Watch out for the little details. Push through problems and find this is actually a great week. Let go of negative thoughts.

Take care of your health this week. Eat a pronounced diet, retain energy with exercise and rest, and find those foods that make you happy, wealthy, and healthy. Let others help you when you have too much to do. This is a great way to stay balanced and loved.

Work toward the end of this week and on Wednesday Jupiter will help you more. There are situations that are just plain lucky for you this week. This week will be one that gives you more of everything; more work, more patience, more balance and more physical weight. Communicate what is essential to your co-workers. Let them be a part of your team.

If you are feeling insecure this week, look inward and try to analyze your feelings. Meditate to bring you back into balance. Find a “happy” place when things are not threatening and difficult. Look for the good in situations and forget the bad. It may not happen and you will have wasted thoughts.

Breathe deeply and look at all the things you love. Sleep at night for this week will bring on projects that can be tiring. Keep your energy high by eating high energy foods. Try not to do everything yourself. Balance time with work and family. Involve yourself in community projects and volunteer for clean-up brigades. Have a social evening with friends at your favorite watering hole. Things are always changes so change with them. Be communicative and full of high energy as the week wears on. Your energy levels will be high if you are aware of them. Work hard on your goals and keep dreams high. Keep the big picture in front of you.

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