Weekly Horoscope, November 21 - 28

Weekly Horoscope, November 21 - 28

Monday the 21st is a day of balance- with an edgy Pluto Moon contact you can see all sides of the story- Pluto should give you the nerve to look at the truth- maybe own up to a few things and make amends- It's nice to be right, but more important to be happy.

Weekly Horoscope, November 21 - 28
Weekly Horoscope, Forecast for November 21 - 28, 2011

Realizations are in the air- not always pleasant, but liberating.

Tuesday is dynamic- The Sun Shifts into Sagittarius and the moon moves into Scorpio. With that combo any Giant White elephants in the room will be pointed out. If you are the sort to avoid confrontation to keep the peace you may see a different side to yourself now. A self not willing to pretend about anything- Nicey, Nicey won't do. Authenticity is all that is acceptable now. Many planets are dancing harmoniously to bring the gift of insight and growth. Saturn is providing just the sober note you need to stick it out and suck it up-Long-term investments can be made now with Foresight and intuition. Enjoy this Sagittarius energy- aim your arrow towards high ideals.

On Wednesday, the 23rd Mercury starts back tracking. If you can use this week to get all your shopping done and your Christmas cards in the mail you will be able to rest easy. Mercury is the planet ruling our communications. Speaking, writing, the tools we use to do these things, as well as how we think- the sorts of things we ponder and the swiftness of our comprehension. When it does it's backward slide charging forward isn't recommended. Now it would be wise to back up all your documents and spend time reviewing all that has happened in the last three months. Mercury goes retrograde every three weeks for three months- It is a time to process and review rather than initiate.

On Thursday the Moon is New again. Giving us a chance to begin again and re-intend the outcomes we choose. This is big opportunity to decide who you are. Set your rate high. Put your big boy pants on because it's time to walk the path you have dreamed for yourself. It will be both exhilarating to watch the pieces fall in to place, and more work that you're used to. Success is hard work. But the courage you need is being supplied- Your Vision for your ideal future is your Soul leading you to the greatest happiness and growth. Now you can step forward and be who you came to be. Jupiter is benevolently providing us with the urge to be new- to expand- to contribute. Don't waist the opportunity.

The weekend of the 26th and 27th the moon will be in Capricorn. Now you can use your executive ability to order the insights of the last week and work towards the changes you know need making. You are supported in what you do. Not a time to be lazy, rather enjoy the contentment you will get with focused productivity. Act upon your dreams!

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