Weekly Horoscope October 17-24

Weekly Horoscope October 17-24

Monday the 17th the moon is in Cancer, with Saturn and the Sun trine this Moon you will feel supported by your emotions.

Weekly Horoscope October 17-24
Weekly Horoscope Forecast October 17-24, 2011

Galvanizing the forces to create a sense of security. This activity feels good, productive and nurturing. Just below the harmony you may feel a little something stirring, if you are hemmed in at all, any sort of restriction on your freedom will cause the freedom loving part of you to squirm, and With Jupiter in opposition to Mercury you may blurt a thing or two. Or worse, you feel this persistent need to give advice, handing out useful tips to uninterested people. Resist the urge to start wagging your finger to make your point. If you feel your index finger start to point it's a sign your overstepping. Reign it in, you’ll be proud of your self-restraint.

The 18th to the 20th of October will be fruitful. You may suddenly understand. Maybe you respond negatively in certain situations without knowing why. We all have subconscious triggers that can be difficult to understand. Now you get why you do what you do. It feels great to have those Aha moments. Keep a journal and have long conversations to sort through the details of your new realizations. Pluto opposition the moon will bring forth all the goo. It's an opportunity to clear the air.

On the 20th the moon will travel through Leo. This outward energy could be a great time to display your talents. Whatever they may be. You'll enjoy the recognition so put yourself out there. These last to weekdays will be fiery, there is energy to accomplish things, make sure you do something physical to release this surge of energy in a healthy way. De-clutter and go hiking, just move, there are so many ways.

Sunday, the 23rd, The sun begins to shines through Scorpio for the next month. Scorpio is good for going deep. It gives us a chance to get to the bottom of things. Exposing what is hidden. Though Scorpio is sometimes preoccupied with death and darkness it is also adept at transitions. We are now in the middle month of fall. We can sit back and assess the harvest. Cuddle up in comfort and figure it out. This introspective time is healing to your psyche. Get a little sad, now is the time to feel feeling. Let out the inappropriate stuff. Cry when you hear something sad- sometimes it's all just to painfully sad and wrong, you need to acknowledge that to move through it. If you are wanting for your own sadness, then just have a listen to the news- the odds are high that a sad story awaits you, every half hour all day long. The point is to feel when Scorpio is shining, feel it all, whatever comes up for you, this is how we develop the attribute of empathy, to truly feel what an other feels. Embrace your new awareness this week.

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