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Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

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Gemini and Gemini – Babes in the Woods

A double Gemini pairing is definitely full of excitement and exploration. The Twins loves trying new things and, in this case, twice the Twins is four times the fun! Gemini is unpredictable and often does things wholly on impulse. While there’s no question that two Geminis will get along well and have a great time, sometimes dealing with the real world is a challenge for this couple.

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Gemini Compatibility Traits

Gemini Character

The youthful Twins charms people wherever it goes with its fresh face and lively devil-may-care personality. Gemini loves to be the center of attention and is graced with the attributes that allow it to achieve this with relatively little effort. A live-for-the-moment type, the Twins is happy to drop everything if an exciting opportunity, such as an unexpected trip, should crop up. This means making solid plans with a Gemini can be quite difficult since they may be changed at a moment’s notice.

While Gemini doesn’t tend to be terribly successful in the career arena, this is more from lack of focused attention than lack of intelligence or ability. The Twins hates to be tied down to anything and that includes a career field. However, Gemini often excels in less regimented jobs such as reporter or entertainer. Mostly the Twins is more interested in having fun than working to put something away for a rainy day, which it considers a waste of good sunshine.

The Twins isn’t interested in profound connections, another fetter in Gemini’s estimation, and wants to keep its relationships light and casual. Feelings aren’t particularly important to the Twins and it doesn’t care much about what other people think and say. While Gemini doesn’t have strong feelings itself, it rather enjoys drama. Gemini finds a good fight thrilling and doesn’t hold a grudge afterward.

Gemini is very curious about the world around it. The Twins spends a lot of time reading about all subjects which not only satisfies its curiosity but adds to the brilliant conversational skills that make it so very charming. Gemini will put a lot of effort into discovering all about the people around it. Unfortunately, the Twins is also a notorious gossip and may reveal information that others would prefer not to be known.


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Gemini and Gemini Compatibility Advantages

Here, There, and Everywhere

A Gemini pairing is an endless adventure. Both Twins love to travel and aren’t bogged down with minor details such as planning. As soon as an opportunity presents itself the couple has their bags packed, if indeed they ever get unpacked, and is off into the wild blue yonder. The Geminis love that their partner isn’t at all resistant to this high level of spontaneity.

The intellectual and emotional match between two Geminis has a lot of advantages as far as the Twins are concerned. The couple spends hours in lively conversation and will often read the same book separately so they can come together and discuss it later. Of course, just sitting around talking is only a fraction of everything the active pair does together. Their mutual love of partying and travel makes for an exciting life together. The Geminis especially appreciate that their fellow Twins doesn’t try to trap them into a profound emotional connection and is happy to keep the relationship light and airy. This isn’t to say that the Twins don’t fight, they do tend to have dramatic spats that don’t leave any scars behind.

The youthfulness of this pair contributes to their enjoyment of activities. Because they are both so active, the Geminis tend to stay in good physical condition and are able to participate in a lot of sporty activities. The Twins possess plenty of courage, they don’t seem to be aware of how quickly things could go wrong, and will attempt almost anything either can think up. To the Geminis, the world is a wonderful playground, and they are determined to take full advantage of it.


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Gemini and Gemini Compatibility Disadvantages

Childish Twosome

While a Twins duo certainly has a lot of fun together, there are some issues when it comes to actually existing in the real world. Neither Gemini takes career, or much of anything, very seriously and both are quite impulsive when it comes to spending. This can lead to a lot of financial issues. The Twins won’t generally be too stressed about this unless it becomes quite extreme, but there will be a certain level of frustration when the lack of funds prevents the Geminis from following one of their whims.

The Geminis also struggle on the domestic front. Neither Twins is particularly diligent about much of anything and housework seems like a terrible drag to both. The home is mostly treated as a giant closet with a bathroom and disorder is likely to run rampant. There may be dramatic fights about who does the laundry or dishes with little in the way of permanent progress. Even paying bills on time seems like an unbearable task to the couple and they may come home from and adventure to no electricity more than once.

A very real danger for the Gemini – Gemini match is that they will simply drift apart. This won’t be the result of any dissention or unhappiness, but instead the result of their less than profound bond. If one Twins discovers it has a passion for something the other just isn’t interested in, they will progressively go their own ways until one of the other doesn’t come back. There will be no angst or hard feelings in the breakup, and they will most likely remain good friends or even casual lovers.


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Geminiand Gemini Compatibility Horoscope
An Exciting Daydream

There’s no denying that a Gemini – Gemini pairing is most exhilarating. These two will challenge one another to push the envelope at every turn and it’s a great relief for each to have a partner that doesn’t attempt to reign in even the wildest notion. The Twins are well suited for a long-term relationship with one another since they both have the same level of emotional depth and devotion. There is a real challenge for the couple to keep their lives orderly and a possibility that they will simply drift apart - but it’s certainly fun while it lasts.

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