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Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

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Gemini and Virgo – Worlds Colliding

A Gemini – Virgo is one of the most difficult combinations in the Zodiac. Gemini is so erratic that controlling Virgo doesn’t know whether the Twins is coming or going. The solid, hard-working Virgin seems like an overbearing parent to Gemini. In order for this couple to build anything real, both will need to do a lot of soul searching and hard work.

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Gemini Compatibility Traits

Gemini Tendencies

If the mercurial Gemini could have one wish it would be that it never has to grow up. The Twins hates the routine and steady work that comes with adulting. Gemini lives for the moment, so neither the past nor the future plays much of a role when it comes to its decision-making process. Impulsive and up for almost anything, trying to make concrete plans with the Twins is a roll of the dice since Gemini is just as likely to find something else that catches its fancy.

Despite Gemini’s flightiness, the Twins excels at careers that require spur-of-the-moment decisions and risk-taking. Gemini makes an amazing investigative reporter and Is quite successful in the arts. The Twins follows its erratic pattern in love as well as the rest of its life. Gemini doesn’t want strong connections as it considers deep love a cage rather than a boon.


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Virgo Compatibility Traits

Virgo Character

As a typical Earth Sign, Virgo is the Eldest Sibling of the Zodiac. The Virgin is exceptionally hard working and tireless in the pursuit of its goals. While success generally comes to Virgo eventually, the Virgin is more motivated by the act of being helpful than the actual achievement of its aims. Virgo is often drawn to careers that serve others such as social work and volunteering activities.

Emotional fireworks are out of the question when it comes to dignified Virgo, instead, it craves a deep bond with its partner and will delight in performing kindnesses and tasks for its loved ones. The Virgin is in its favorite element at home and will spend hours cleaning and organizing, which satisfies its need for control. Order is extremely important to Virgo and it doesn’t operate well amid chaos.


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Gemini and Virgo Compatibility Advantages

A Tale of Two Signs

What can a Gemini – Virgo pairing bring to the table for each partner? Similar to other couples with such utterly opposed characteristics, this match can help each to break out of their own little world and see how the other side lives. Gemini, with its lively sense of fun and adventure, can cajole the Virgin to drop its yoke and kick up its heels a bit. Virgo, a past master at organization, helps the Twins tame some of the chaos in its life and help to establish some healthier routines.

The Virgin and the Twins are well matched intellectually. Both have an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge and have spent a significant time reading just for the pleasure of it. Gemini and Virgo will spend hours in philosophical discussion and maybe a little debating, although the Virgin doesn’t find this as diverting as the Twins. The pair enjoy taking classes together, as well as sharing one another’s favorite books. This rational searching is likely to be the element that draws these two together.

Gemini appreciates spending time in the neat, well-organized home Virgo has created. The Twins loves to be cossetted and pampered and will happily allow the Virgin to exercise its care-taking inclinations – as long as it is not expected to do any chores. Virgo enjoys having a partner that allows it to take total control of the domestic scene.


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Gemini and Virgo Compatibility Disadvantages

Parent vs. Child

While the Virgin and the Twins can possibly bring an extra dimension into one another’s lives, the harmony is generally quite short lived. The pair is on their best behavior during the “honeymoon period” but once reality sets in, it’s likely that Virgo and Gemini find their partner’s respective differences quite intolerable. Even Gemini’s legendary flexibility may not be enough to keep this couple together.

The Twins does help the Virgin to break out of its rigid habits and have some fun, but the charm of Gemini’s constant need for change and adventure soon diminishes for quiet Virgo. The Twins has an extremely social nature and, as far as it is concerned, the bigger the crowd the better. While Virgo will participate in some of these activities with its gregarious mate, this is not the Virgin’s natural habitat. Virgo cannot relax in this atmosphere and quickly becomes drained. The Virgin’s preference for quiet evenings at home bore the Twins to tears and Gemini is not above starting a fight just for entertainment. While the Twins doesn’t take these dramatic spats seriously, Virgo gets upset in earnest and won’t quickly forgive.

Virgo’s overbearing need for control is also a big issue in this relationship. The Virgin sees Gemini’s erratic lifestyle and youthful exuberance as a sign of incompetence. With its usual drive to help others, Virgo will begin to parent its Gemini mate. The Twins, in response to this attempt at cossetting, will rebel and only increase the chaos it brings to the Virgin’s world. Perhaps the biggest battle between them is sharing the housework. Even if Gemini attempts to pitch in, it is unlikely the Twins will be able to meet Virgo’s exacting standards and will soon give up trying altogether.


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Geminiand Virgo Compatibility Horoscope
A Hard Row to Hoe

The differences between Gemini and Virgo are so great and in such fundamental areas that a happy relationship is highly unlikely. The pair may spend time together exploring the intellectual realm, but the moment personal habits and values become involved trouble starts to brew. The Virgin will attempt to parent the youthful Twins, asserting control in nearly all parts of Gemini’s life. The rebellious Twins will do its best to circumvent determined Virgo at every turn. Gemini's need for constant motion exhausts the more sedate Virgin. Virgo’s love of a quiet night at home seems like a waste of a good party to the Twins. In order for this pair to work at all, both must make fundamental personality changes.

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