Aries and Virgo Compatibility in Love

Aries and Virgo Compatibility

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Aries and Virgo – Perfect Balance

An Aries – Virgo pairing just naturally works. This couple is similar enough to work well together but with enough differences to bring out the best in each. Adventurous Aries comes up with fun things to do and organized Virgo does all the planning. Together, the Ram and the Virgin each find a supportive partner and a much richer life.

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compatibility qualities

Aries Compatibility Traits

Aries Attributes

Aries seeks, and finds, adventure wherever life takes it. The Ram can be quite reckless, but its drive and determination usually help it make the risks turn out wonderfully. Competitive to a fault and athletic to boot, Aries often participates in a variety of sports and is an avid fan of the professional variety as well. An afternoon of cheering in the stadium or at the local pub is the Ram’s idea of time well spent.

The Ram is quite convivial and loves to be with people - where it draws attention with its energy and bold manner. Aries is quite forthcoming with its thoughts and opinions and can often be rather undiplomatic. Since the Ram isn’t particularly sensitive itself it tends to be taken by surprise when others are offended. Aries has a generous heart and loves to preform helpful deeds for others. The Ram can often be found lending a hand by volunteering for a noble cause.


compatibility qualities

Virgo Compatibility Traits

Virgo Characteristics

As is typical of an Earth Sign, Virgo definitely doesn’t wear its heart on its sleeve. In fact, first impressions of the Virgin are seldom very accurate at all. Modest Virgo is careful not to draw attention to itself and so the Virgin’s sharp mind and quick wit are not apparent until a little later in the relationship. Once Virgo drops its guard, however, the Virgin reveals a delightful playfulness and dry sense of humor.

The Virgin is just as hardworking as its fellow Earth Signs, but its motivation is a little different. Virgo is less interested in material success and gets more satisfaction from the action of serving itself. The Virgin’s quick mind and superlative organizational skills make it a great asset and Virgo is an able planner with very little input. This talent results in the Virgin coming across as a bit of a control freak since Virgo generally sees the end game faster than others and feels the need to guide those who aren’t as quick.


compatibility Pros

Aries and Virgo Compatibility Advantages

Yin and Yang

There’s no question that Aries will be the initiator of this pairing. Virgo is far too reticent and dignified to chase anyone. The Ram will appreciate the Virgin’s helpfulness and the energy Virgo puts into anything it takes on. Aries's interest is furthered by Virgo’s modesty. The Ram instinctively realizes that there is much more to the Virgin than meets the eye and its curiosity is piqued. Virgo admires the Ram’s courage and charm. While not exactly shy, the Virgin isn’t as sure of itself as Aries, and Virgo appreciates the Ram’s way with people.

Once the Virgin lets down its guard, the Ram is delighted to discover that Virgo is highly intelligent and a brilliant conversationalist on a broad range of topics. Aries finds the Virgin’s organizational skills extremely helpful as this in an area the Ram finds challenging. In return, serious Virgo is enlivened and pulled away from its usual routine by the boundless energy of Aries. While not adventurous on its own, Virgo is quite willing to step out of its comfort zone with the Ram under very little urging. The Virgin happily plans out the ideas presented by the Ram, which makes these adventures even more fun for Aries.

Aries and Virgo share similar emotional profiles. Neither the Ram nor the Virgin is dramatic in love. The partners prefer a more companionate relationship without a lot of drama or fighting and in the Aries – Virgo pairing that is exactly what they get. This isn’t to say there’s no tenderness in the relationship, but it is expressed with kind acts of service and fun times together rather than overly passionate interludes.


compatibility Cons

Aries and Virgo Compatibility Disadvantages

Exhaustion and Control

Aries and Virgo can generally make things work with very little effort. Their differences usually don’t cause any friction, but rather complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Still, there are a few points in which the Ram and the Virgin may not agree and, if taken to extremes, can pull these two apart.

The first major difference that can cause issues is the Ram’s infinite energy. Virgo is not a match for this but may be unwilling to be left behind while Aries pursues fun. The Virgin has a tendency to be insecure, and this can manifest as jealousy, especially with such a charming and wide-ranging partner as the Ram. In this situation, Virgo may try to keep up but play the martyr the entire time. The Virgin may also attempt to keep the Ram at home by playing on the sympathies of Aries with various complaints of illness.

Aries is rather overbearing in its own right and has its own insecurities. Virgo can be a control freak, especially in any area the Virgin considers under its dominion. With both partners jockeying for control, even the smallest decision can devolve into a serious of endless arguments. The Ram can be tactless during the best of times and when provoked, this honest streak may become quite brutal. While not overly sensitive, Virgo can be wounded by this and the Virgin’s long memory will make it exceedingly difficult for it to let the emotional injury heal.


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Ariesand Virgo Compatibility Horoscope
Matchless Compliments

An Aries - Virgo couple is the closest thing in the Zodiac to a perfect complement. The Ram’s flamboyancy and courage pull modest Virgo into the spotlight and help the Virgin shine for the first time in its life. In return, Virgo’s organizational skills help Aries make the most of all that energy and drive. Both the Ram and the Virgin are helpful and generous, and they will enjoy participating in altruistic endeavors together. As long as the couple can designate control areas for each partner and Virgo’s jealous streak isn’t brought forward, this is a relationship that brings out the best in both.

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