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Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

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Aries and Aquarius – A Bright Blaze

Aquarius and Aries connect easily on an intellectual level and will stay up all night engrossed in conversation. Besides the mental stimulation provided by this pairing, the Water-Bearer and the Ram have a lot of other similarities that make living with one another a low-stress experience for both. Because the initial draw in this match is one of the mind rather than the body, these two will probably start out as friends and the romantic relationship will grow over time.

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compatibility qualities

Aries Compatibility Traits

Aries Attributes

One of the first things a person will notice about Aries is its staunch and forthright way of expressing itself. In fact, the Ram can be downright tactless. This is not to intentionally hurt, but intellectually oriented Aries just doesn’t consider feelings much. Despite this, the Ram is generous and will gladly lend its boundless energy wherever it’s needed.

Many find the Ram’s courage, which borders on recklessness, attractive since Aries often inspires others to push past their envelope of comfort. Being around the Ram is always exciting. Despite its bold surface, Aries is rather insecure, and this can trigger an unhealthy level of competition with those in its life. The Ram doesn’t necessarily look for deep connection in its relationships. This doesn’t mean Aries can’t be a loving mate, but its mind must be engaged before its feelings are.


compatibility qualities

Aquarius Compatibility Traits

Aquarius Attraction

Easy-going Aquarius often draws attention with its eccentric “hippy” vibe. The Water-Bearer loves to be involved in humanitarian actions and is tireless in their application. An original thinker, Aquarius is a great asset to such an undertaking. In addition to being a creative thinker, the Water-Bearer’s analytical mind assists in bringing these visions into existence.

The Water-Bearer is a bit of a loner. Independent Aquarius is happy to walk its own path regardless of anyone’s opinion of its appropriateness. The Water-Bearer is not someone who requires being in a relationship to be happy and is quite content to be single. Aquarius tends to be a bit detached in relationships and isn’t at all compelled to make deep emotional connections.


compatibility Pros

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility Advantages

Brightly Burning

Cerebral fireworks usually initiate an Aquarius-Aries relationship. These two are well matched intellectually and will spend much time just talking to one another. The Ram loves the Water-Bearer’s unusual thought process and Aquarius is thrilled to have someone who can keep up – a rare treat for the Water-Bearer. Since Aquarius isn’t particularly sensitive to criticism, the Ram’s tactlessness isn’t a problem with this match, much to Aries’ relief. While these two will probably initially forge a friendship, once a commitment is made to the romantic relationship Aquarius and Aries are quite compatible in the bedroom.

The Ram’s love of volunteering fits in perfectly with the Water-Bearer’s humanitarian bent. Aquarius provides creative ideas and Aries applies its endless energy to make a very potent combination for the cause. The Ram’s generous nature and superlative drive are especially appreciated in this arena.

Neither Aries nor Aquarius is clingy or especially possessive. This means that each is happy to give the other space. This is particularly important to Aquarius as the Water-Bearer needs a fair amount of solitude to truly be comfortable in a relationship. Aries will find other amusements during these times without a hint of offense. The Ram is quite social and is relieved to have a mate that doesn’t insist on spending all their time together.

While Aquarius doesn’t match Aries in courage, the Water-Bearer likes new experiences and will join the Ram in its escapades. Aries loves having a “partner in crime”, especially one that is as good at coming up with novel things to do as Aquarius. This provides endless paths to growth for both partners and makes for a lot of fun on the way. While Aquarius isn’t quite as energetic as Aries – no one is – the Water-Bearer quickly learns to let the Ram take on the brunt of planning and execution so this isn’t the problem it might seem to be.


compatibility Cons

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility Disadvantages

The Inferno

Anytime strong personalities such as Aquarius and Aries connect, there is the potential for opposition. If Aries triggers the Water-Bearer’s stubborn side on a major issue, it isn’t likely the couple will be able to resolve it. While not prone to emotional outbreaks in general, Aries may be goaded into anger by the aloof Water-Bearer’s refusal to assign much significance to something the Ram considers important.

The Ram is generally jealous, but its deep insecurity may be triggered by the Water-Bearer’s lack of presence in the relationship. This could result in Aries becoming overbearing and trying to control more and more of the Water-Bearer’s activities. As a result, Aquarius will become increasingly elusive, initiating a vicious cycle between the two. Aries is also more susceptible to public opinion and it is possible that the Water-Bearer’s open peculiarities could cause the Ram embarrassment among family and social peers.

There is a real possibility that these two will drift apart if care is not taken to feed the flames of the bond. This task is likely to rest on the Ram for the most part as Aquarius isn’t likely to notice that the relationship is cooling off. Aries will do its best to pull the Water-Bearer back, but it’s a delicate process and the tactless Ram might have a hard time doing this in such a way as to prevent Aquarius from feeling trapped.


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Ariesand Aquarius Compatibility Horoscope
A Match of the Mind

Aquarius and Aries are so well matched intellectually that the two will connect as friends very quickly, spending the bulk of their time together in cognitive exploration. Feelings take a little more time to develop, but once they do, the Water-Bearer and the Ram are similar in their intensity and demands. Their love of volunteering offers further connection between the two. Aquarius is adept in dealing with Aries infinite energy and Aries is capable of giving the Water-Bearer the space it needs. As long as they work to stay involved with one another’s interests, Aquarius and Aries are a powerhouse of ideas and mutual regard.

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Comments: Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

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Aries - Aquarius 2023-11-14 11:51:22
Aquarius and Aries have a natural connection on an intellectual level, which is one of the key factors in their compatibility. They engage in deep and meaningful conversations, and their minds spark off each other, creating a strong mental rapport. Their intellectual compatibility leads to stimulating and captivating discussions that can keep them engaged for hours.

One of the main similarities between Aquarius and Aries is their love for independence and freedom. Both signs highly value their personal space and individuality, which can contribute to a low-stress coexistence in a relationship. Aries is known for their independent nature and dislike of feeling restricted, while Aquarius is often seen as the nonconformist of the zodiac, marching to the beat of their own drum. This mutual respect for independence allows them to give each other the freedom they need, resulting in a harmonious partnership.

Another factor that enhances their compatibility is their shared adventurous nature. Both Aquarius and Aries are open to new experiences and have a thirst for excitement. They are not afraid to take risks and explore uncharted territories together. This shared enthusiasm for adventure can lead them to embark on thrilling journeys, either physically or intellectually, constantly pushing the boundaries of their relationship.

Additionally, Aquarius is guided by Uranus, the planet of innovation and originality. This appeals to the impulsive and energetic nature of Aries, who is always seeking fresh challenges and thrills. The combination of Aquarius' inventive ideas and Aries' passion can inspire them to embark on creative projects, sparking a vibrant and dynamic partnership.

The friendship between Aquarius and Aries often serves as the foundation for their romantic relationship. They initially connect on an intellectual and mental level, establishing a strong friendship based on mutual understanding and shared interests. This friendship forms a solid basis for a romantic relationship to develop over time, as they get to know each other on a deeper level and gradually build a passionate and romantic connection.

Both signs also possess a certain level of adaptability and flexibility, which further supports their compatibility. Aries is often willing to embrace the unconventional approaches of Aquarius, while Aquarius can surprise Aries with their openness to spontaneity. This allows them to navigate through challenges and changes together, creating a relationship that evolves and grows over time.

It is important to note that compatibility in astrology should not be seen as absolute, as individual dynamics can vary. Factors such as personal values, life experiences, and other astrological placements in their birth charts can influence the dynamics between Aquarius and Aries. However, their shared intellectual connection, independent natures, and adventurous spirits create a solid foundation for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.
Patricia 2021-10-21 10:05:20
I've been dating this guy for going on 7yrs, he's not available, but I have, being the type of woman I am, I've never cheated in any aspect, I'm a devoted nut, ( raised that way ) I feel know there is no future, he loves me too & I know it, but his hands are tied, by the way, he's an Aquarius as well, right now we're on a break, I'm trying to decide, should I stay or keep walking

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