Rat and Rat compatibility horoscope

Rat and Rat compatibility horoscope
The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animal signs, and a person born under a certain sign shows its characteristics. Consulting the Chinese horoscope can give you insight into your own personality and that of your partner and help you avoid problems to build a stronger relationship.

The Rat is very attached to his or her family. Rats are likely to have many children, and keep in touch with aunts, uncles, cousins, and relatives even further removed. A Rat will work very hard to keep his or her family safe and happy. Rats are excellent at keeping secrets when it comes to those they care about, but they have no problem revealing secrets of others if it is to their advantage. Rats understand all too well the value of information, and they are amazing at ferreting it out and using it to advance their own aims.

A Rat knows how to hang on to money. Rats do not usually find themselves down and out, because they keep their resources safe and parcel them out as needed. The one things a Rat has trouble resisting is a bargain, and they may spend a bit more than they have when a great deal is available.

Rats have a strong sentimental streak, and have a hard time letting go of physical objects. Thus, the house of a Rat is likely to be full of clutter, with each individual object representing memories that the Rat wishes to keep close. Rats must learn how to prune back their possessions lest they run out of room in the house! As much as Rats like to have their family around, they will not treat you like guests, but rather members of the household. Don't be surprised if a Rat greets you enthusiastically and then hands you a broom!

Rats are great at spotting danger, but this can make them negative and pessimistic. If a Rat says it is time to give up on something, it is best to listen to that advice, but Rats do become a little edgy from being on the lookout all the time. One of a Rat's biggest faults is that he or she will try to do too many things at once. If his or her energy is spread too thin, nothing gets accomplished in a satisfactory manner. Two Rats in a relationship together will have to find some way to focus and prioritize to make sure all the necessary chores get completed.

Rats can become nags when stressed, which can take a toll on the relationship. Although you will have the same priorities as your partner and be on the same wavelength if you date a Rat, you will want to keep the lines of communication open to avoid resentment. If the two of you can avoid picking away at each other's faults, this relationship has promise. After all, nothing is more important to a Rat than family, and at the end of the day that bond will bring you closer.


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