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2010 October Horoscope

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Monthly October 2010 Horoscope
Monthly October 2010 Horoscope

The first thought that comes to mind at the sight of the planetary card for October is that it is time for each person to have second thoughts on life and correct past mistakes. For almost every member of zodiacal circle, October will be a month of revelation, the time when a review of one's life and actions in particular can help in the quest of oneself, and a time for defining and correction of already chosen path. October will be a launching pad for changes that will lead to events of astrological proportions. This is the best time to set priorities, the time for a fundamental change of goals, reviewing of plans and personal programs. After an active September, all spheres of life and activity are witnessing some decrease of energy, which would be incorrect to assume as failures: October recommends the evaluation of all zodiac signs, for what did they labour in recent months, was a result obtained, is there a desire and possibility to follow the path already mapped out, or is now the time to change the basic trends of our lives - career, profession, place of study, etc.

In October 2010, the first thing that will come to the foreground is the need for establishment of good harmonious relationships with both colleagues and partners, and with loved ones - it is the environment that helps anyone to get up when he stumbles, and stay on the step if he staggers. To establish contacts, one needs to first pay attention to one's own behavior, moderate one's ambitions and develop the ability to empathize with others. Resolving conflicts that invariably arise at work should be done diplomatically and in no case should you start military actions - they can cause much damage to one or the other side. In the first ten days of October 2010, you should complete all works that were started the previous month, give up those works, which have no prospects and which do not give a significant result in favor of promising big projects. The middle of the month will witness load balancing, the second ten days will be calm, and you can easily focus your attention on small details and nuances. Carefulness and accuracy at work will help present your activity in the best light, and organize creative activity in a socially acceptable form. Every member of the zodiac circle in the third ten days of October will receive compensation according to his merits, directly proportional to the energy invested.

The planetary influence of space on the personal lives of all zodiac signs in early October is such that the intensification of sensitivity and the ability to experience emotions occurs. Intimate life under this influence becomes richer, partners are willing to cooperate in all spheres of life, and not deceive each other. Married couples will experience long-awaited harmony in relationships, which will set a smooth and quiet rhythm of entire life, and allow to optimally assign one's energy in the creative activity of each person. It is recommended not to apply ultimatums in relationships, but follow soft tactics of compromise. The last ten days of October is fraught with the emergence of financial difficulties, there may be financial disputes and unforeseen expenses. Therefore, from the very beginning of the month it is necessary to apply an adequate planning of resources in the family, and not to engage in thoughtless waste of money. In October 2010, the possibility of emergence in life of past echoes is high: someone will meet his former sweetheart, while another person will be swept over with memories at the sight of old photos. Anyway, going back to the former seed you have gotten rid of is inappropriate for a relationship since there is the risk of repeating old mistakes, which can greatly complicate newly existing relationships.

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