Libra Horoscope for October 2010

October 2010 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for October 2010

Monthly October 2010 Horoscope for Libra
Monthly October 2010 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

In the life of a Libra comes a time of large-scale projects, and October is the month of realization of the most important ideas in life. Libra should give time for self-education, because further promising projects will require a reserve of additional knowledge and great endurance and toughness of character. Close friends and relatives will help Libra develop optimism and perseverance in achieving his goals - he should ask from them help for moral support. Domestic problems will suddenly break the order of Libra's affairs in the middle of the month, he needs to resolve them as quickly as possible. The second half of the month may experience an intensification of old conflicts, which may unbalance Libra for a long time. In the same period, the chances of problems with the law, as well as of getting into adventurous and openly unreliable business are high.

In the first two ten-day period of the month, Libras will be fully occupied with his work. At that time, it is advised to clearly plan your activities, carry out tasks in proportion to their complexity and urgency. Small, insignificant details of work need to be sifted out, so as not to disperse attention to unwanted problems. Libra needs to develop a clear, quick reaction so as to switch over in time when there is any change in circumstances of work and communication with partners. Libra should not divulge secrets of financial issues to anyone, because the second half of October may witness all sorts of fraud and dirty game of malevolent rivals. Expensive purchases, as well as various types of investments should not be carried out in the last ten days of the month, while you should even go for a small financial risk in early October - all expenses will be paid off with interest.

In October 2010, Libra will have to fight with their ambitions a little to maintain peace and tranquility in the family. It is advisable to listen to the wishes and feelings of others, and not to demonstrate only your right to privacy. Confidence and responsiveness will help refresh faded feelings, and in mid-October Libras will completely forget about problems in family relationships, will devote all his free time creating comfort in the home and raising children. The end of October is the most favorable time for marriage if Libra have not yet legitimized his relationship with a loved one.

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