2010 Horoscope for Pisces Zodiac Sign

2010 Horoscope Pisces

Astrology forecast for the 2010, the year of the White Metal TIGER

Pisces 2010 Horoscope

The Ney 2010 Year of the Tiger is here, the previous year, 2009, required of Pisces firmness and decisiveness that are typically non-characteristic of them. A pleasant surprise - Pisces may relax and drift again, in 2010 year of the white Tiger the current will surely bring them to success and prosperity. But mind your health that was worn out last year when you assumed a lot of liabilities, worked hard and felt yourself lonely and misunderstood. Luckily, things are changing! In the 2010 year Pisces strive for privacy and peace. During 2010 year of the Tiger Pisces may possibly reveal psychological and parapsychological abilities and at some points f the 2010 year Pisces may have many presentiments and prophetic dreams.

Last year you scored a success in your career, and in the beginning of 2010 year Pisces will need to consolidate your achievements and accomplishments. The luckiest time is February and March 2010, two weeks before and after your birthday. You want to be prominent; all the initiatives will bring excellent results. But the period from March to September 2010 might result difficult - you should not forget that Pisces' protector, Neptune, is still in conflict with Saturn in 2010 horoscope, and the last is situated in the sector of career accomplishments. In the beginning of September 2010 the situation will change, and Pisces will enter a new stage of business achievements.

Pisces' private life in 2010 year of the Tiger will develop brightly and swiftly. Single Pisces may await a determining acquaintance in February 2010. Be cautious as for romantic affairs in late June and mid-August 2010- the acquaintances will be alluring, but having no prospects. Later you will understand that they were just a waste of time and efforts. In late September 2010 an entrancing, yet transient affair is quite probable. If you have already met your soul mate in autumn of 2009, then spring of 2010 is a perfect time for a marriage that promises to be stable, long-lasting, and, not the least, advantageous.

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