Free horoscope 2010 for the year of the metal Tiger

2010 horoscope for the year of the Tiger
2010 year is the year of the metal Tiger and 27th year in sixty-year cycle. New Year of the Tiger, 2010, promises to be interesting in all aspects. For example horoscope 2010 represents the year of the white metal Tiger as a period with serious changes in every sphere of life that are coming nearer. Now and there within 2010 year of the Tiger decisive and fresh politicians will come to power. We shall open up our eyes widely to these changes and wonder how we managed to live without all this new, bright and fascinating.

Love will surely reign all the 2010 year. It will be everywhere; you will feel it with all the senses and get satisfaction from your life! It has quite a simple explanation: according to the 2010 Chinese horoscope and Chinese lunar calendar for the 2010 year of the Tiger, the 2010 New Year coincides with the 14th of February - St. Valentine's Day. So, look around and express your feelings - this is the motto of 2010 year!

The astrologists note that 2010 is a year of the white metal Tiger, and the best metal for this animal is considered to be silver. Present your friends with silver items - they will surely bring luck in 2010 year of white Tiger! If according to Chinese horoscope you were born in a year of Sheep, Horse (especially Fire Horse), Dog, Tiger, Ox or Dragon, this 2010 year will not lay you aside! Take your chance! Don't be afraid of starting something new - you will succeed! Those, who were born in a year of Rabbit, Rooster or Monkey, in 2010 year of the Tiger, will have to try harder. This 2010 year will require of these people certain efforts to fulfill all their goals and not to lose what they already have. For the rest of "animals", according to the Chinese horoscope, 2010 year of white Tiger promises to be neutral.

2010 horoscope is quite successful for all the Zodiac signs, yet relatively unstable. At times the financial situation of 2010 year of the Tiger will be tough, but spiritually the 2010 year will be so fruitful and positive, that money troubles will seem just trifles. This 2010 year aim at fulfilling the most cherished plans!
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The year 2010 of the metal Tiger is coming. Eastern philosophy has traditionally associated this sign of lunar horoscope with strength, luck and authority, and considered it one of the most powerful Zodiac signs. For example one of the hexagrams in a Chinese Classic Book of Changes, I Ching, says: "Tread on the tiger's tail, he will not bite - Examine well, the augury of the flight". This may be interpreted in such manner: risky and spontaneous actions may lead to victory, achievements and take-off this 2010 year. The astrological practice proves that major reformative changes of the society, as well as boundary repartition, serious war conflicts and confrontation fell on the years of Tiger; they followed the inability of people to level their actions and harmonize their life.
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Horoscope 2010 year of the Tiger - heavenly stem
Stem: Keng
Element: metal
Color: white
Taste: acrid
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Branch: Yin
Animal: Tiger
Season: early spring
Direction: East North East
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