Gift horoscope 2010, special present ideas

2010 gift horoscope
Don't know what to gift your loved ones, your friend or family on Christmas and New Year? Find a special gift that suite one's zodiac sign in 2010 year of the white metal Tiger.

The New Year 2010 is a year of the Metal Tiger; according to the Eastern philosophy and Chinese horoscope, its color is white. The energy of metal element may intensify such qualities as logical thinking, restraint in feelings and even inclination to a more realistic view of different situations, basing on previous life experience, that is why this 2010 year is calmer than, let's say, the year of Fire (red) Tiger. In the period of metal energy influence any financial and collective operations in the field of construction and administration are usually fortunate, as well as in all the spheres of life, where earnestness, enterprise and ability to imply perspective and profitable ideas, are required. The negative sides of metal energy influence are stronger conservatism, pedantry, selfishness and subjectivism. At the same time the very nature of Tiger's 2010 year in combination with metal element may bring positive results, that is why one may admit that white Tiger is far from being the least successful combination in Chinese horoscope.

Please note that this year 2010 is a year of the white metal Tiger so the zero-risk present this 2010 year considered to be something made of silver or white gold. Also since the 2010 year is the year of the metal Tiger and 27th year in sixty-year cycle in Chinese lunar horoscope therefore in order to super lucky our gift should consist of two or even seven parts. You don't have to buy seven silver tigers for example instead your may equip your present with two red mandarins which also is a sign of luck and prosperity. (more over two mandarins is a traditional gift theme for Chinese New Year).

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