December 2011 monthly horoscope for Leo

December 2011 Leo monthly horoscope
The typical Leo may be facing some financial problems or issues early on this month. In order to deal with them effectively, you will have to be both proactive and somewhat aggressive. Donít overdue the aggression thing, but donít be afraid to state your case openly and honestly with all the force the topic merits. If you can work this balancing ant, you may find you have increased your financial status and increased your personal energy even more, by monthís end. Of course, all this will require a little extra effort on your part, but youíve never been too afraid of a little hard work. Donít be now.

You may be tempted to drop too much money on frivolous expenses now, particularly with regard to entertainment. Do what you can to resist these impulses, or you may find yourself short of funds when they are really needed. Instead of spending, consider quiet evenings at home with the family or your partner. There is much to be said for the closeness that comes from a few quiet hours spent in front of a warm fire on a quiet December evening.

During the first half of the month, you may find that former lovers suddenly pop up again and in the most surprising places. This can be a bit disconcerting, particularly if you havenít seen this person in a long time. It can also be a wonderful thing, assuming you are open to the idea of rekindling a romance you may have thought was long cooled. Keep your dance card open and expect good things to happen!

Creative projects and good ideas seem to come at you with gale force during the first half of December. You may want to write things down in order to prevent great ideas from getting away from you in the tumult the month is sure to bring. Youíll have the whole of next year to implement your clever ideas at leisure, so donít let then escape now.

The second two weeks of the month will also be filled with romance. If youíre currently in a committed relationship, you may find things heating up and becoming more exciting. Nobody is more surprised by this than you are, but maybe you shouldnít be. After all, thereís a reason youíre with this person, right? Now, you have a chance to remember what that reason is. Single Leos may find theyíre meeting a host of new and interesting people. Surely one of these could be ďthe one,Ē right? Donít be afraid to take a chance.