Leo Horoscope for February 2011

February 2011 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for February 2011

Monthly February 2011 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly February 2011 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

In February Leo's (Lion's) life will make a new turnaround, which could be called "the epoch of new relationships". The representative of this Zodiacal constellation is certainly full of power and determination, but he/she often lacks tolerance, attention to other people, compromise skills. Because of it he/she has a lot of conflicts in his/her personal and business life, and it may be the reason of all the system breaking. In February Leo will address the primary source of his/her problems and will made up his/her mind to establish order in his/her relationships with other people, mending his/her own attitude towards them first of all. Such revolutionary position of Leo will make him/her search new knowledge, and he/she may consult the literature to find something useful for him/her.

The Leo's business takes its course, and even small misfortunes and problems cannot shatter his/her affairs. In the beginning of February Leo is given with a chance to turn any situation on his/her way for its own benefit. And with certain activity and skills even the problems may turn out to be far-reaching decisions, a kind of a key to the Leo's affairs. Leo-office worker should talk to his/her boss about his/her status at the firm - February may become the career development month. People will pay attention to Leo just about the whole month because of his/her extravagance and success, but fame may sometimes do no good to the representative of this Zodiacal sign, especially if he/she nurses his/her vain and false pridefulness himself/herself. It will be useful for Leo to go in for self-examination instead of self-admiration, or to start studying the things he/she was interested before. In February Leo-business person may realize his/her plans of business expansion at least, of branch opening in other cities. It will certainly be a positive and promising tendency, which gives tone to the next year. Leo-office worker will be charged with serious negotiation, work with partners and vendors. Due to this work results he/she may expect the wage increase or promotion at work. Two first decades of February will slip away in one breath - in constant work and in quest of himself/herself, giving hope for success and self-belief to Leo. But the third decade may bring the business difficulties, and Leo must be ready for them to have a good respond to the situation. There can be the personal problems with colleagues and partners, as well as old business problems, appeared unexpectedly in new undertakings. But in any case, Leo has all the potential and abilities to overcome the obstacles, but he/she must not forget about one thing - no laziness. Leo's finance tends to reduce. The situation will be extremely tense at the end of February, that's why Leo needs to restrain his/her desire to spend money, leaving something for a rainy day.

February will be somewhat clouded for Leo's personal life. The lovers will have some quarrels this month; one of them may ruin their intimate terms for ever. The family Leo risks to lose the family support if he/she pays all his/her attention to his/her work and career, but not to the family. Nobody insists on Leo's leaving his/her business, but wise compromise between the family and the work will help to avoid mistakes, which will be paid with loneliness then.

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