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2011 February Horoscope

Free February 2011 monthly Horoscope

Monthly February 2011 Horoscope
Monthly February 2011 Horoscope

The year of 2011 goes on and February will be a kind of Rubicon, which will start the most actual events of 2011 - the year of White Metal Rabbit. It'll become a turning point for many people. This month doesn't promise to be easy, if for no other reason than it brings us many different situations. The situations which may turn out to be dead-end for the affairs - both for personal life and business, and also for the development of the projects which have already had success and are expected to be promising. The first February decade, when the Sun meets Mars in the sign of Aquarius, will be the most unpredictable. Unnecessary boastings, unjustified risks, forcing events may have the lamentable effects at this period.

The problem of the relationship between people will start with aggression, inconsideration, intolerance to each other in the beginning of February. And the conflicts, which will begin at this time, may be drawn out and become the chronic ones. Tolerance to other people's opinion, constant cooperation with partners and colleagues, group orientation instead of self orientation, search of common aims and strategies will help in difficult situations and possible conflicts. In the last February decade Pluto and Jupiter will have a negative impact, which will influence directly the results of all the people of the Earth activities. This time may spring surprises, and it will be rather dangerous because of them. Just all the representatives of the zodiacal zone will suffer from these surprises at different times. The weakest of them will be panic-stricken because of it; the strongest will work and fight more actively. Due to it the end of January will become a kind of an exam over the past period, and every representative of the zodiacal zone will be asked about what he/she has already achieved, what he/she is good at, what he/she aims for. As a rule the situation of Jupiter and Pluto confrontation brings global disasters, catastrophes, earthquakes and political intrigues - we need to be ready for it to resist them effectively from your own position. But despite February negative tendencies, concentrated at the beginning and at the end of the month, new opportunities will appear during this period. They may be a good alternative for the old methods of business conduct and relationships building, which have already outlived their usefulness. Those of the zodiacal zone representatives, who will be open to the changes and will not be afraid of the new life arrangement opportunities, will be amply rewarded for their ambitions and creativeness by Rabbit - the host of the 2011. The financial sphere may be unstable. The old budget problems of any Zodiac sign, which they felt at the end of the year, will recoil on them in February. New business problems will also crop up, and they will need immediate correction and solution, financial injection as well.

Partnership and co-operation will let you face the most negative month tendencies, that's why all the attention must be paid to both business and personal relationships setting up, resetting relations, partnership strengthening. Personal life of any representative of the zodiacal zone cannot be called calm, but it will be creative excitement, characterized by self-investigation, looking for new areas of common interest with a partner, new points in relationships discovery. The end of February will bring peace even to the couples who had conflicts, that's why every Zodiac sign will be on the point of self-improvement, spiritual development, education getting.

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