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July 2011 monthly horoscope
July 2011 as the "summit of summer" and as the middle of the year has a large and at times crucial meaning for many things that were started this year. It is time to take the first stock of the effectiveness of work and success of life - what has been achieved since the beginning of the year and what lies ahead. There is still time to level things up in his affairs, adopt entirely different methods, if inaccuracies were previously made. This will be a month of excessive exertion, when all the best qualities of a person will be visible and involved in teamwork and communication. In July 2011, no one will be able to remain indifferent or passive. The frequently changing entourage of the month, the rapid course of events, problems and underwater currents will carry away all the representatives of the zodiacal circle into the whirlpool, and literally every one of them will have their urgent, important and successful businesses. No one should at this time take up someone else's work because their own affairs will be enough. It is extremely unfavorable for this month to abruptly change job or abandon a work started because one is unlikely to quickly succeed in finding oneself something interesting and beneficial. July 2011 will be good for wealth creation, so at work one should pay attention to its practicality and efficiency, while minimizing empty debates, and avoiding wavering from side to side. Without a doubt, the most successful will be the one who knows exactly what he wants, and exactly sure of the correctness of his work methods. Each business affair needs a competent good planning, foresight and control over details. Some teams in late July may feel tension in relationship. This is just in some way related to the intensity of work. However, the basic reason of conflict at work will be caused by excessive solar influence, especially after July 11 - solar eclipse. If before the middle of the month all members of the zodiacal circle will tend to see what they want to see, then from the 11 th day of July, many eyes will be opened for the real thing, which often run counter to the rosy illusions of people. Mix in Aries Jupiter and Uranus the entire month will stimulate people's activeness, motivate them to experiment, make reforms and bold steps. With this strength of the planets, July 2011 may provide humanity the great scientific discoveries and technological developments that were done this month. The influence of Saturn, in turn, will rise in opposition to the planetary duet. This struggle of opposites will make people look for ways out of problems, win over a new thing, get rid of conservatism and old dogmas. In early July, there may be the possibility of cheating and fraud, so each of us must learn to distinguish truth from falsehood, and use intuition as our "third eye". Crisis would intensify in the second decade of July. Escalating the struggle of contradictions and interests may cause serious conflicts that may become very time-consuming and disruptive. In the second decade, one should avoid minor disputes, and interpersonal quarrels, but show patience, forbearance and tact in communicating with others. During the solar eclipse, all those who want to avoid mistakes and struggles, must devote a large portion of their time to kindness, charity, and philanthropy. During this period of July, there may be environmental catastrophes, various demonstrations and rallies, aggressive and destructive orientation, and so, the good job of most people will significantly reduce this negative trend. In the third decade of July, the influence of Mars will add to the confrontation of Uranus with Jupiter and Saturn. Passion in a relationship can become hot to the limit. This period can be decisive for many couples who cannot find a compromise. Relations that will staunchly stand such tests will be long and happy. Performing professional activities, each of us must rely on logic and common sense when taking any action. Duty and professional obligation should be the leading thing and the determining force in human behavior, while intrigue and gossip should be extinguished to the root, without allowing them to make a crushing blow on interpersonal relationship at his workplace. Erudition, creativity in the third decade will be a stepping stone to the next higher level of work, and therefore, July will be appropriate to take up education and self-education.
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