Cancer Horoscope for May 2011

May 2011 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for May 2011

Monthly May 2011 Horoscope for Cancer
Monthly May 2011 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

For Cancer, May 2011 has rich opportunities for development of abilities, for best manifestation of himself in all spheres of professional activity, for development of his creativity and skill. This is the perfect time to implement his long-standing ideas and plans that were previously postponed for various reasons. Emotionally and artistically rich, this period can as well bring Cancer complexity of understanding in relations with others, numerous controversies and quarrels, which may affect his career and personal life. Representative of this zodiacal constellation will be very difficult to cope with his own emotions, he will rotate in the depths of his own passions and contradictions, which in May will break his literally into pieces.

On a wave of emotion, Cancer in May 2011 - especially in the first decade, is prone to reckless risk-taking and participation in scam, but his natural wisdom and prudence will save him at the last moment from mistakes and misfortune. In the second half of the month, relationships with colleagues will be very relevant. Cancer would have to participate in collective discussion of important issues, broadly communicate, enter into contracts and transactions, and therefore all his attention should be drawn to the area of interpersonal relationships, to his own ambitions and methods of communication. If Cancer would not follow his old habit - be sarcastic about the behavior of others, ridicule their actions, meticulously climb into the personal lives and affairs of other people, then he can preserve peace and calm around his person. He should not stick out his arrogance. This is the time to start the process of self-education, gain confidence and credibility with the people around him.

A representative of this zodiacal constellation will want to realize his boldest ideas. For this, he will turn to sources of knowledge he needs - books, opportunities to improve his skills or obtain additional education. Cancer can also take a great interest in religion or spiritual techniques that can support his inner spirit for success, self-confidence, stability of mood and motivation of activities. Cancer's internal mental tossing in early May could lead to disruption or nervous tension. To avoid this, he needs to think out the possibility for rest and relaxation, do at least a slight pause at work, and switch attention from one activity to another.

Cancer's sensitivity in May will allow a single representative of this zodiacal constellation find love, but a desire to experience strong emotions and new experiences can push him/her to adultery, and numerous romances, and frivolous flirtation. If this person is already in a relationship, similar trends in behavior are fraught with quarrels and breakage of relationship with a steady partner. The last decade of May will be a good time for repentance, restoration of relations, and love expressions.

Cancer in May can earn a very tangible amount, but his extravagance or carelessness can reduce the budget and cause instability in financial affairs. In May, is better for a representative of this zodiacal constellation to abandon plans to borrow, and avoid borrowing large sums of money to unfamiliar people.

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