November 2011 monthly horoscope for Cancer

November 2011 Cancer monthly horoscope
For Cancer, the workplace and all that goes on there will figure prominently in your life at this time. This is particularly true with regard to relationships with coworkers. Not all your interactions of late have been completely sanguine and helpful; perhaps youíve been overly critical of someone who toils alongside you in the business vineyard. Now is the time to rebuild previously burned bridges and turn old adversaries into allies. It may not be as difficult as youíre thinking it will be and it will surely work to your advantage in the long run.

The improved relations youíre seeing with your fellow workers will help you achieve previously unconsidered goals, even goals you may once have thought too difficult to see through to fruition. Significant success could come your way at this time, assuming youíre willing to work as part of the team. This is not the time to go rogue and attempt to do things according to your own agenda, particularly if that agenda runs counter to what those in authority consider wise. Donít be afraid to lead, but do make sure you know where youíre leading.

Care also should be taken when dealing with coworkers that no one misunderstands your kindness and mistakes it for romantic advances. In fact, thereís a good chance someone is wondering if youíre interested in him or her in a romantic way. If so, donít be afraid to express your feelings. If not, be sure you keep things on a strictly business basis at all times. Otherwise feelings could wind up being hurt, yours included.

November, especially the first two weeks, also is a good time to undertake new and potentially risky projects at work. Donít hesitate to take on whatever responsibilities come your way and run with them. Someone higher up the corporate ladder is likely to notice your increased effort and reward you accordingly. Alternately, you may be feeling the need for an entirely new challenge at this time. If so, this may be the time to consider moving toward a new job, at least during the first two weeks of the month. After that, itís best to sit tight with whatever position youíre currently in.

During the second half of the month, the odds that youíll make a bad decision with regard to a new job, a new project, or even a new romantic relationship increase exponentially. This would be a good time to simply fly in a holding pattern and wait for developments.