September 2011 monthly horoscope for Leo

September 2011 Leo monthly horoscope
Leo, youíve been waiting for a chance to simply kick back and relax, and the first half of September is it! Spend as much time as possible gathering your strength and recuperating from whatever activities have been eating up so much of your time for so long. This is a time of rebirth, of rejuvenation.

Get outside and take part in sporting activities, especially those you already enjoy. If youíre feeling adventurous, put on a pack and take to the woods for a few days of rugged camping. Those without the urge to sleep in the rain may want to hit the golf course or spend the afternoon playing tennis with friends and family. Youíre feeling the urge to travel, though, so any activities you can come up with that also incorporate a short trip or two will be doubly pleasing to you at this time.

Your enjoyment of the finer things life has to offer is well-known, and that certainly extends to your dining habits. Youíll be tempted now to really dig into the tasty delights that give you so much pleasure and thatís fine. Donít deny yourself the foods you truly love and donít waste your days bemoaning the calorie count of your favorite treat. But by all means do enjoy your food in conjunction with recreational activities and sports. This is not the time to turn into a couch potato. Itís all too easy to wind up overfed, under-exercised, and feeling weak and lethargic. Thatís not your style at all. So go ahead and dig into the treats, but leave some time for a run or brisk walk in the evenings.

You usually show some flair with finances and itís likely youíll discover that skill working overtime right now. Thereís definitely an improvement to your financial situation on the horizon and anything you can do to help move that along will work to your advantage. The results you see will be definite and surprisingly positive. Donít be afraid to make an investment, even a short term one. Your intuition is running high at the moment, but do make sure to investigate any financial proposition carefully before laying out your hard earned cash.

Sports and other physical activity will come to the forefront during the second half of the month. Just as financial planning will pay off for your pocketbook now, so will exercise pay off for your body. The effort you put into sports and other types of exercise will be almost immediately apparent in not only your physical appearance, but your emotional and intellectual demeanor as well.

The second half of the month also is marked by a giant leap forward in your ability to communicate well with others. Relationships will develop smoothly and harmoniously and youíll find yourself moving toward new relationships. Youíll also witness marked improvements in your current relationships, even those that might have once been difficult. Youíre always willing and eager to jump into new friendships and this will be a great month for that, especially the last two weeks. Keep your calendar open for new and exciting experiences.