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April 2012 monthly horoscope
This month April 2012 is likely to see many zodiac signs getting busy with all sorts of activities and projects. Everything from building dams to putting up new wallpaper in the spare bedroom; whatever the activity, it’s going to be using up a great deal of time, but will in the end be very rewarding to all who take part.

Communication and short trips are also among this month’s highlights. Little errands and “make work” tasks all vie for attention now and give life a sense of immediacy and manic activity. With so many signs involved in so many myriad tasks it may seem as if the world is hurdling headlong toward some great conclusion, but this is just an illusion; activity does not necessarily indicate forward progress. Sometimes, life can be as frenzied as a hive of bees with very little actually being accomplished. Those who can simply coast from day to day and enjoy the moment will fare best at this time.

Intellectual and social accomplishments, however, are yours for the taking this month. There is a spirit of learning in the air and those who apply themselves may find they end the month with a far greater understanding of the world around them than they had when the month got under way.

The spotlight shines on home and family this month and many find new reason to take pride and pleasure from the accomplishments and achievements of fellow family members. The instinctive joy that comes from reveling in the success of progeny simply cannot be denied now, so why bother trying. Likewise, those who have recently put in long hours upgrading or updating their domicile will find reason to be glad they have. The pride that comes from creating a comfortable home life is reason enough to put in the long hours.

Some may find they are thrust now into a position of authority and leadership within the family unit. Unraveling problems and straightening out the Gordian Knot that can be domestic relationships is never easy, but with a little effort, most will find they are up to the challenge.

Don’t allow a preoccupation with feelings of insecurity get the best of you this month. Those things you may see as faults are not always viewed that way by others around you. Besides, everyone has their own foibles with which they must deal and most are far too busy arranging their own affairs to take much note of yours. Avoid being overly-sensitive to the perceived slights and insults which may come your way in the course of the next four weeks. Much of it really is intended as constructive criticism and if you can keep your head and consider the facts, chances are there is much here from which you can benefit.

Confrontations with family members, especially those involving inflated egos, could pop up along the way this month. The best way to handle this is to do what you can before the fact to tighten up your relationship with family, particularly children. Spend a little extra time getting to know what’s going on in each individual’s life and show a genuine interest in the mundane happenings of the day. By cultivating and nourishing these relationships, you’ll be in a far better position to deal with problems when they arise.

This is an expressive time for romance and chances are many will find true love this month, or a reasonable facsimile. Those already in committed relationships may see a resurgence of the “fire” that got things moving in the first place! All signs should be ready for a few surprises in the arena of love.
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