April 2012 Horoscope Scorpio

April 2012 Horoscope Scorpio

April 2012 Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

All the problems you've been having with communication issuesdropped phone calls, missed texts and emails, packages left undeliveredall of that will be drawing to a close around the 4th of this month and you couldn't be happier about it. With Mercury finally beginning to move forward but Saturn still in retrograde, you may still have to deal with these issues to some extent, but with far lesser frequency and severity. Still, it probably is a good idea to continue to exercise some caution in matters of communication. Strive for clarity whenever possible.

Scorpios now enter their annual rush of love and social activity. You will see a marked upswing in your popularity, both in the romantic arena and with regard to business matters. You could easily wind up in a new partnership or even a marriage. Mergers with individuals or corporations larger than yourself are entirely possible at this time.

When it comes to romance, this is something you are very much in the mood for. Make sure you don't overdo the "courting" though, or you may come off as too aggressive. Don't shoot yourself in the foot stumbling around trying to impress that certain someone. This is the time for the "soft path," not brute force. You should be considering ways to achieve your goals through cooperation and understanding rather than bullying.

The ruler of your chart, Pluto, is beginning to move in the opposite direction beginning on the 10th, so your personal power and confidence may be on the wane somewhat. This isn't necessarily a bad thing however; someone of the opposite sex may just find your new vulnerability to be very attractive. In fact, "wounded puppy" syndrome may bring an otherwise unobtainable person into your sphere of influence. Don't hesitate to take advantage of your good fortune.

Your health could stand some looking after this month, but don't become too worried over this. Your 6th house of healing is strong and with a little extra attention, you're able to prevent any possible physical problem from becoming something untenable. You should be focused particularly on the lungs, shoulders, arms and heart.

With your planet of love entering the 8th house this month you'll see an above average sex life for April. Your sexual magnetism is at its zenith now and that can be very important in your current relationship. However, wealth and social status remain strong factors in your attractiveness formula as well. Because of this, you should focus at least some of your time on career.

You may begin to experience a new level of social harmony now. Problems that presented themselves to you in earlier weeks seem to dissipate of their own design and the world looks surprisingly sunny and inviting.

This is a good time to advance your career through social networking. The contacts you make are going to come in handy in the near future. Sometimes, it's not the job you do, but the people you know who make a career.

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