Leo Horoscope for July 2012

July 2012 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for July 2012

Monthly July 2012 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly July 2012 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

Overview: The Sun and Mars will be parked at your 2nd house (Money and Values), so expect to be a very busy bee throughout the month, especially regarding business opportunities and professional growth. You could find yourself in a "review mode", meaning that you will be tempted into analyzing all aspects of your life and even changing some things. Around the 7th and the 22nd, the people around you could become quite resistant to these changes, so keep your cool and enjoy the influence of Mercury in your 3rd house (Communications), which will be quite helpful in getting your point of view across. Jupiter will continue to be an influence throughout the month, so be careful with a tendency to go over the top. This is a long-term influence, which will be with you for an entire year. You'll definitely be on a roll this month, Leo, so enjoy!

Career and Work: As mentioned before, the lively Sun and hard-working Mars will be stationed in your 2nd house, so keep an eye out for new opportunities and professional changes. Nevertheless, be aware of Mercury being retrograde from the middle of the month onwards, which means that you definitely have to listen more than you say. Everything you say will be taken seriously and miscommunications could happen even if you try to take things lightly. Keep your tempter under control, Leo, and you'll live through.

Finances and Money: In this department, you should pay close attention to the contradictory influences of the planets in your sign. On the one hand, Mars will be creating business opportunities, which could result in some solid financial gains. Take this opportunity to analyze and capitalize on past investments, but be careful before making new commitments, since Jupiter will also be casting its influence on your sign, causing some desires to overspend and to exaggerate. This, together with Mercury being retrograde could result in some misleading opportunities. Keep your attention levels high, ok?

Love and Relationships: Since your communications skills will be amply benefitted this month, take this opportunity to take some things off your chest. Mars' influence will also help to bring about some important and much-needed changes in the romantic department, so if you've been making plans, this is definitely the month to go ahead. You'll feel closer and more connected to your family and your loved ones, so even when Mercury becomes retrograde, you won't find any problems here. In fact, you will find like your family is your strongest ally and your backbone. Take time to relax and enjoy your family life.

Health: With the influence of Jupiter on your back during this month, be careful, Leo. Make sure you get plenty of time to relax and to be alone, by yourself, because you may have the slight tendency to overwork or to overindulge, neither of which is good. An excellent way to relax is to spend time with friends and family (remember Mercury?). Slow down a bit and you will enjoy life more!

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