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July 2012 monthly horoscope
To start off the month July 2012, Mars enters Libra on the 3rd, making decisions hard to make and creating a new energy low. While this is happening, Venus and Mercury join forces and inconjunct Pluto on the 4th, reinforcing this new energy low and creating an overall sense of mental confusion.

On July 13th, Uranus becomes retrograde in Aries. A funny thing about Uranus is that is tends to become more powerful and more “Uranian” when retrograde. When direct, Uranus offers continuous mental stimulation and an overflow of creativity; when retrograde, Uranus helps people to build a certain amount of energy and inventiveness, making this the perfect opportunity to experience some breakthroughs across all areas of your life. During this period, don’t be surprised if you are overwhelmed by some unfathomable and deep emotions and ideas. Mental studies of any kind and learning experiences are widely favored. So if you are thinking about beginning a new course or a new activity, this is the time to do it.

On the very next day, Mercury turns retrograde and you know what this means. The effects of this planetary aspect are nothing but maddening. Appointments are cancelled, information is lost, words and expressions are misunderstood, which leaves you feeling frustrated and particularly prune to fight with everyone around you. The signs ruled by Mercury – Gemini and Virgo – will likely feel these effects even more seriously. The best thing to do is to take a “wait-and-see” attitude, since Mercury directs again in August 8th.

Mars also shows its influence this month, prancing around several houses and creating conflicts with several other planets. From instance, on July 17th, Mars trines Jupiter, causing you to feel overly confident about any issues. Simultaneously, this planet is also squaring Pluto, which will only add to this feeling to go over the top. You might become obsessed with a recent project and you will definitely stand your ground to defend your points of view.

Jupiter will also be creating some havoc this month, inconjucting Pluto on the 18th. This will force you to make adjustments: you will be a fool to think that you can simply cruise through the storm (this will be particularly felt by Geminis and Capricorns). On the 21st and 22nd, the same planet sextiles Uranus and big ideas will fill your head! This aspect will give you mental inventiveness and ingeniousness, so if you have to make a move, this is an excellent time.

Also on the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo, renewing spirits, bringing joy and romance. It is definitely the time to enjoy the summer: go out and socialize, spend time with friends and let your imagination run wild.

Just keep an eye out for the 24th of July, since retrograde Mercury will sextile Jupiter while trining Uranus. Any meetings, trips and social activities could be easily cancelled, so make sure you don’t get carried out by the frustration of this aspect. Overall, it’s an excellent month if you are able to keep your cool!
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