July 2012 monthly horoscope for Libra

July 2012 Libra monthly horoscope
Overview: With the Sun in your 12th house (Secrets & Solitude, ruled by Neptune) of the ďbehind the scenesĒ activity, you will probably go about the month running away from the spotlight and taking the backstage. And is it good to be away from stardom for a change? Itís a time to reflect about your past actions, particularly those youíve taken during the last year. Mars also makes an appearance, meaning that your energy will definitely hit a low. Also, your ruling planet Ė Venus Ė will be parked at your 1st house of Self, urging you to spend some time with your loved ones and to dedicate some time to romance. Jupiter is also visiting (at your 11th house), so donít be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming. Around the 21st, the Sun turns to Libra, so youíll become the life of the party. Later on the month, Mercury and the Sun combine, so make sure you donít lose track of your identity.

Career and Work: Low energy levels and a tendency to face inwards will not make July the greatest month to consider or advance in career matters. You will be drawn to have some fun in the workplace and your mind will probably be to scattered to focus on important matters. As the month progresses, though, youíll feel more like yourself, so take the opportunity to socialize with your co-workers and to let your true colors shine through. If you can, make a balance about your workplace presence and attitude during the previous year: it could be a helpful exercise that could help you move forward.

Finances and Money: Venus will be occupying your 1st house and usually this planet is also closely linked to money matters. However, since youíll probably be busier considering your life options, itís probably an excellent opportunity to make a deep analysis of any past investments and try and monetize them. If money isnít as steady as youíre used to, make sure you create a financial plan and stick to it. Also, keep an eye out for unexpected expenses and double check everything.

Love and Relationships: With the influence of Venus directly on your sign and your 1st house, youíll be feeling quite frisky and romantic. Spend some quality time with friends and, especially, your loved ones. You probably wonít be in the mood for something big, so the best plan is to stay indoors, watch a nice movie and enjoy your special someone. If youíre single, youíll be too busy daydreaming about romance to find actual opportunities. Since Mercury is also retrograde, you might be tempted to solve any misunderstandings or communication breakdowns. Donít do it. Instead, let people reach their own decisions and solutions.

Health: The most important thing, during this month, is to try and maintain energy levels. Towards the end of the month, you will find that that you need to get more rest than you typically do: your body will demand you to stay in bed for longer. The more rest you get now, the more energy you will have next month.