Leo Horoscope for May 2012

May 2012 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for May 2012

Monthly May 2012 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly May 2012 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

Overview: Mercury will square your sign from May 9th to 14th, but after that, expect a good couples of days, Leo! Also during this month, you'll have the enormous influence of the Solar Eclipse on May 20th: your ego, confidence and pride will be fueled to a maximum and this trend will probably last for some months. You'll probably feel the need to speak up often, to stand up for what you believe and to defend everyone from injustice. Since this is also a very creative month for you, you'll feel the need to share your thoughts with the world and to put some of those ideas into action, particularly in the humanitarian area. Just be careful not to come across as pushy or bossy and feel free to share those incredible ideas with everyone around you, especially at the end of the month, when Mercury visits your sign!

Career and Work: if you've been feeling demotivated in the workplace, May 2012 will be a breath of fresh air, because it will surely increase your productivity and creativity levels. Be careful, however, with one particular aspect: injustices will make you roar this month, whether these are directed at you or your colleagues. Speak your mind, but please make sure that you control your energy levels, since you may come across as aggressive. The Solar Eclipse on May 20th will be an excellent time to achieve all the things that have been on your mind, so enjoy the energy, roll up your sleeves and get things done!

Finances and Money: it's really a good month for you, Leo! Money may appear from unexpected places and luck may also have a say in this department. In the workplace, money may take on the form of promotions, raises, additional projects or a renovated professional presence. This will be particularly true at the end of the month, when Uranus lends a hand and brings you closer to your goals by creating new opportunities.

Love and relationships: your energy levels and joyfulness may get you out of the house this month, Leo, but although you'll be out and about, you're probably feeling a deeper emotional and romantic connection with your loved ones. Especially due to Mercury, your communications skills will be enhanced and all the drama of the past will seem to vanish. Since Uranus also makes an appearance this month, new contacts, new interactions and new relationships (if you're single) may also come to the foreground.

Health: the key for this month is balance, Leo, because you do have a tendency to exaggerate things! With high energy levels, don't feel surprised if you have fall into the trap of overworking or spending all of your time on a very busy schedule. Make sure you save some time to sleep and to relax, because no energy levels will allow you to keep up with this pace.

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